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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
11992Adapting Shakespearean Plays into the Chinese Opera: Pitfalls as Exemplified by HamletHu, J.Y.Hjournal article
22001"Agonistic Imagination and Aggressive Liberation" : Gerald Vizenor's The Trickster of Liberty張國慶; Chang, K.journal article
31992Alfred Andersch: Ein Vertreter der Skeptischen ModerneSiao, A.M.journal article
42000The American Dream Ideology in John Updike's Rabbit TetralogyWang, A.C.journal article
52000Anxiety of Empire: Carthage in Turner吳雅鳳 journal article
62004Bulletin of College of EngineeringChang, C. O.
71992The “Death of Benvolio”: a Note on the Art of Trporting in Romeo and JulietPerng, C.H.journal article
81988The Dividual Reader: An Example from Ming Buddhism廖朝陽 ; Liao, C.Y.journal article
92008Dystopic Here, Utopic There: Spatial Dialectics in SKY Lee's?Disappearing Moon Caf?Bennett Yu-Hsiang Fu journal article
101992Falstaff-Hal Relation Ship: Role DynamicsChin-jung Chiu journal article
111998Feminist Revision and the Recentering of a Colonial Subject: Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso SeaChang, K.journal article
121994Feminist Utopias as an Alternative Canon: Strategies & DilemmasChang, H.C. journal article
131998From Depression to Epiphany: The Psychological Journey of St. Peter in Willa Cather's the Professor's HouseYing, H.L.journal article
142000Genre Criticism,Textual Strategy and Differance:Historicizing Samuel Johnson's Writing of Privatie LivesChang, H.K.journal article
152003The Gift that Always Reaches Its Destination?: The Economy of Gift in Ulysses黃宗慧 journal article
162004The Impact of Gender on Graduate Students' Communication Concerns in Their Academic Interactions with AdvisorsYeh, Der-lanjournal article
172002The Impact of Gender on Graduate Students’ Communication Concerns in Their Academic Interactions with Advisors葉德蘭 ; Yeh, D.L.journal article
181994Interview with Darko Suvin張惠娟 ; 廖朝陽 ; Chang, H.C.; Liao, C.Y.journal article
192006Literalizing Allegory and Impossible Translation: Between Spenser and BenjaminLi, Hung-chiung journal article
202012Matthew Arnold's Reception of Hippolyte Taine: Lord Byron as 'Touchstone'Chien, Jui-Pi journal article00