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12012Designing nano-biotechnology summer camp with experiential learning theoryChen T.-L.; Sheen H.-J ; Yueh H.-P.; Chiang F.-K.; Chang P.-W.Journal Article2
22016Developing Computer Science Learning System with Hybrid Instructional MethodRAY-I CHANG journal article
32009Developing experiential learning with a cohort blended laboratory training in nano-bio engineering educationYueh, Hsiu-Ping ; Sheen, Horn-Jiunn 
42009Developing experiential learning with a cohort-blended laboratory training in nano-bio engineering educationYueh H.-P.; Sheen H.J.. Journal Article8
52014Electronic pet robots for mechatronics engineering education: A project-based learning approachWEIJANE LIN ; HSIU-PING YUEH ; Chou, Jui Jenjournal article70
62014Electronic Pet Robots for Mechatronics Engineering Education: A Project-Based Learning Approachjournal article
72007Experiences in using virtual reality in design and graphics classroomsSHANA SMITH journal article
82014Exploring competencies of nanotechnology in higher education in taiwan through curriculum mappingLiu Y.-L.; Chen T.-L.; Yueh H.-P.; Sheen H.-J Journal Article2
92015Fostering interdisciplinary learning in a smart living technology course through a PBL approachHSIU-PING YUEH ; Liu, Yi Lin; WEIJANE LIN journal article120
102014How does human aggregate moderate the effect of inspiration through action on the imagination of engineering majorsChaoyun Liang journal article
112015Identifying nanotechnology professional competencies for engineering students using Q methodologyLiu Y.-L.; Yueh H.-P.; Chen T.-L.; Sheen H.-J Journal Article1
122015Impact of distance teaching implementation, online material guidance, and teaching effectiveness on learning outcomesChaoyun Liang journal article
132008Quality Assurance of Engineering Education through Accreditation of Programs in TaiwanLiu, Mandy; Chang, Pei-Fen; Wo, Andrew M.; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Yang, Yeong-Bin; Wei, Che-Ho
142015Relation between personality traits and imaginative capability of engineering studentsChaoyun Liang journal article
152015Relation between personality traits and imaginative capability of engineering studentsJU-SEN LIN journal article
162014The effects of imagination between psychological factors and academic performance: The differences between science and engineering majorsChaoyun Liang journal article