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12008A central extension theorem for essential dimensionsMING-CHANG KANG ; Kang, M. C.journal article30
21988A counterexample to the nodal domain conjecture and a related semilinear equationCHANG-SHOU LIN journal article6259
32011A note on projective normalityChu, Huah ; HUAH CHU ; Hu, Shou-Jen; Kang, Ming-Chang journal article32
41996A result on derivationsTSIU-KWEN LEE journal article2322
52008A slight improvement to garaev's sum product estimateCHUN-YEN SHEN journal article3836
62005A variant of the Reynolds operatorHUAH CHU ; MING-CHANG KANG journal article11
72015An example of non-cotorsion Selmer groupKI-SENG TAN journal article11
81989Collisions of L?vy ProcessesShieh, Narn-Rueihjournal article
91996Derivations with engel conditions on multilinear polynomialsTSIU-KWEN LEE journal article4244
101993Derivations with Invertible Values on a Multilinear PolynomialLee, Tsiu-Kwen journal article029
112004Erratum: Symmetry of extremal functions for the caffarelli-kohn-nirenberg inequalities (Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society (2004) 132 (1685-1691))CHANG-SHOU LIN journal article23
122017Existence and non-existence of solutions of the mean field equations on flat toriCHANG-SHOU LIN journal article00
132013Fourier analysis and expanding phenomena in finite fieldsCHUN-YEN SHEN journal article1413
141993Injective morphisms of affine varietiesKang, M. C.journal article
151991Invariance of Minimal Prime Ideals under DerivationsLee, Tsiu-Kwen ; Chuang, C. L.journal article33
162012Invariant polynomials of ore extensions by q-skew derivationsTSIU-KWEN LEE journal article11
171987A LIL for Occupation Times of Stable ProcessesShieh, Narn-Rueihjournal article
181976A Markov Process Which Gives Rise to a Semigroup of Expansive OperatorsLin, Ta-Fengjournal article
191988Metacyclic p-algebrasMING-CHANG KANG journal article00
201988Metacyclic p-algebrasKang, M. C.journal article