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12009A depth-dependent stability estimate in electrical impedance tomographyNagayasu, S.; JENN-NAN WANG ; Uhlmann, G.; Wang, J. N.journal article1221
22006Complex spherical waves and inverse problems in unbounded domainsJENN-NAN WANG ; Salo, Mikko; Wang, Jenn-Nan journal article2221
32013Doubling inequalities for anisotropic plate equations and applications to size estimates of inclusionsJENN-NAN WANG journal article44
42013Doubling inequalities for anisotropic plate equations and size estimates of inclusionsWang, Jenn-Nan ; Cristo, M Di; Lin, C-L; Morassi, A; Rosset, E; Vessella, Sjournal article
52013Increasing stability in an inverse problem for the acoustic equationWang, Jenn-Nan ; JENN-NAN WANG journal article1316
61991Inverse Scattering of a Buried Conducting CylinderChiu, C. C.; 江衍偉 ; Kiang, Yean-Woei journal article
71998On the relation between singularities of coefficients and singularities of reflected waves in the Lame systemWang, Jenn-Nan journal article22
81998On the relation between singularities of coefficients and singularities of reflected waves in the Lamé systemJENN-NAN WANG journal article22
91998Stability estimate for an inverse acoustic backscattering problemWang, Jenn-Nan ; JENN-NAN WANG journal article65
102006Stability estimates for the inverse boundary value problem by partial Cauchy dataJENN-NAN WANG ; Heck, Horst; Wang, Jenn-Nan journal article4440
111999Stability for the reconstruction of a Riemannian metric by boundary measurementsWang, Jenn-Nan ; JENN-NAN WANG journal article96
122014String-averaging expectation-maximization for maximum likelihood estimation in emission tomographyHelou, Elias Salomao; I-LIANG CHERN ; Censor, Yair; Chen, Tai-Been; Chern, I-Liang ; Pierro, Alvaro Rodolfo De; Jiang, Ming; Lu, Henry Horng-Shingjournal article66
132012Tomography of small residual stressesWang, Jenn-Nan ; JENN-NAN WANG ; Sharafutdinov, Vladimirjournal article88
142003Uniqueness in inverse problems for an elasticity system with residual stress by a single measurementLin, Ching-Lung; JENN-NAN WANG ; Wang, Jenn-Nan journal article1313