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12012Accurate computation of low-temperature thermodynamics for quantum spin chainsYING-JER KAO Physical Review B 1917
21994Adsorbate-induced changes in the broadband infrared reflectance of a metal: Oxygen on Cu(100)Lin, K.C.; Tobin, R.G.; Dumas, P.; KING-CHUEN LIN Physical Review B 3030
31993Adsorbate-induced changes in the infrared reflectance and resistivity of metalsLin, K.C.; Tobin, R.G.; Dumas, P.; Hirschmugl, C.J.; Williams, G.P.; KING-CHUEN LIN Physical Review B 3939
42005Alloying and strain relaxation effects on spin-reorientation transitions in CoxNi1-x/Cu3Au(100) ultrathin filmsMINN-TSONG LIN Physical Review B 2424
52005Analyses of mode coupling in joined parallel phononic crystal waveguidesSun, Jia-Hong; TSUNG-TSONG WU Physical Review B 8582
72005Anisotropic spin and charge excitations in superconductors: Signature of electronic nematic orderYING-JER KAO ; Kee, H. Y.Physical Review B 5725
82005Anisotropic spin and charge excitations in superconductors: Signature of electronic nematic orderYING-JER KAO ; Kee, H. Y.Physical Review B 5725
91987Antiphase domain boundaries in the superconducting phase of the Y-Ba-Cu-O systemChen, CH; Werder, DJ; Liou, Sy\\_Hwang; Kwo, JR; Hong, M; MINGHWEI HONG Physical Review B 
101998Artificially ordered FeCu alloy superlattices on Cu(001). II. Spin-resolved electronic properties and magnetic dichroismKuch, W.; Salvietti, M.; Gao, X. Y.; Lin, M. T.; Klaua, M.; Barthel, J.; Mohan, C. V.; Kirschner, J.; MINN-TSONG LIN Physical Review B 2524
112005Band gaps and the electromechanical coupling coefficient of a surface acoustic wave in a two-dimensional piezoelectric phononic crystalWu, Tsung-Tsong ; Hsu, Zin-Chen; TSUNG-TSONG WU Physical Review B 10692
121995Band-theoretical investigation of the magneto-optical Kerr effect in Fe and Co multilayersGUANG-YU GUO Physical Review B 113111
131987Break-junction tunneling measurements of the high-T c superconductor Y 1 Ba 2 Cu 3 O 9- $δ$Morel; , John; Ekin, JW; Goodrich, LF; Capobianco, TE; Clark, AF; Kwo, J; Hong, M; Liou, Sy\\_Hwang; MINGHWEI HONG Physical Review B 
141994Carrier-gain dynamics in InxGa1-xAs/AlyGa1-yAs strained-layer single-quantum-well diode lasers: Comparison of theory and experimentCHI-KUANG SUN Physical Review B 1714
152005Chemical control of high-T-c superconductivity of the triple-fluorite-layer copper oxide (Cu,Mo)Sr-2(Ce,R)(3)Cu2O11+delta(R=Y,La-Yb)Karppinen, M.; Morita, Y.; Chen, J. M.; Liu, R. S.; Yamauchi, H.; RU-SHI LIU Physical Review B 88
162009Coherent and incoherent metamaterials and order-disorder transitionsPapasimakis, N.; Fedotov, V. A.; Fu, Y. H.; Tsai, D. P.; Zheludev, N. I.Physical Review B 9790
171995Coherent oscillations in semiconductor microcavitiesWang, Hailin; Shah, Jagdeep; Damen, TC; Jan, WY; Cunningham, JE; Hong, M; Mannaerts, JP; MINGHWEI HONG Physical Review B 
182009Collective modes in metallic photonic crystals with subwavelength groovesLan, Y. C.; Chern, R. L.Physical Review B 02
192007Comparison of the crystalline structure, morphology, and magnetic properties of gamma-phase Mn/Cu3Au(100) ultrathin films by varying the growth temperatureMINN-TSONG LIN Physical Review B 1619
201998Composition-driven spin-reorientation transition in ferromagnetic alloy filmsDittschar, A.; Zharnikov, M.; Kuch, W.; Lin, M. T.; Schneider, C. M.; Kirschner, J.; MINN-TSONG LIN Physical Review B 5349