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12007A fourth order curvature flow on a CR 3-manifoldCheng, J. H.; Chang, Yung-Sen; SHU-CHENG CHANG ; Chiu, H. L.; Chou, Yen-Ting; Chang, S. C.; Lee, Jyh-Hong; Lee, Pei-Lin; Dai, Yang-Shia; Sun, Chi; Lin, Yu-Tsan; Wang, Li-Chieh; Yu, Hsin-Hui; Yang, Yao-Hsu; Chen, Chun-An; Wan, Kong-Sang; Chiang, Bor-Luen; 李佩玲; 王麗潔; 陳俊安; 戴仰霞; 李志鴻; 俞欣慧; 江伯倫; 楊曜旭journal article218
22011Asymptotic behavior of solutions of the stationary Navier-Stokes equations in an exterior domainWang, Jenn-Nan ; JENN-NAN WANG ; Lin, Ching-Lung; Uhlmann, Guntherjournal article33
32011Asymptotic symmetry and local behaviors of solutions to a class of anisotropic elliptic equationsCHANG-SHOU LIN ; CHUN-HSIUNG HSIA journal article810
42015Finite-time blow-up for the heat flow of pseudoharmonic mapsSHU-CHENG CHANG journal article00
52007Identification of viscosity in an incompressible fluidHeck, H.; JENN-NAN WANG ; Li, X.; Wang, Jenn-Nan journal article98
62000Local and global interaction for nongenuinely nonlinear hyperbolic conservation lawsI-LIANG CHERN journal article
72000Local and global interaction for nongenuinely nonlinear hyperbolic systems of conservation lawsChern, I-Ljournal article
82013On the asymptotic stability analysis and the existence of time-periodic solutions of the primitive equationsCHUN-HSIUNG HSIA journal article55
92004On the Existence of Extremal Metrics on Complete Noncompact 3-manifoldsSHU-CHENG CHANG journal article2018
102007Pseudo-Einstein and Q-flat metrics with eigenvalue estimates on CR-hypersurfacesChang, S. C.; SHU-CHENG CHANG ; Jianguo, Caojournal article1611
112014Segregated vector solutions for linearly coupled nonlinear Schrödinger systemsCHANG-SHOU LIN journal article99
122016The existence of non-topological solutions for a skew-symmetric Chern-Simons systemCHANG-SHOU LIN journal article33