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12013A comparative study on the adsorption behavior of pentacene and perfluoropentacene molecules on Au(111) surfacesLo, Y.-Y.; Chang, J.-H.; Hoffmann, G.; Su, W.-B.; Wu, C.-I.; Chang, C.-S.; CHIH-I WU Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 99
22008A miniature micro-machined millimeter-wave bandpass filter by complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor compatible inductively-coupled-plasma deep-trench technologyChang, J.-F.; Lin, Y.-S.; Chen, C.-C.; Chen, C.-Z.; Wang, T.; Lu, S.-S.; SHEY-SHI LU Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 11
32012A novel coplanar-waveguide band-pass filter utilizing the inductor-capacitor structure in 0.18μm complementary metal-oxide- semiconductor technology for millimeter-wave applicationsSHEY-SHI LU Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 11
42013A Printable humidity sensing material based on conductive polymer and nanoparticles compositesLee, C.-H.; Chuang, W.-Y.; Lin, S.-H.; Wu, W.-J.; Lin, C.-T.; CHIH-TING LIN Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1613
52008Abnormal temperature-dependent stability of on-plastic a-Si:H thin film transistors fabricated at 150 XCChen, JIan Z; Cheng, I-Chun Journal of Applied Physics 
61990Abrupt Heterointerfaces in Al0.05Ga0.95As/Al0.35Ga0.65As Quantum Well Structure Grown by Liquid Phase EpitaxyChen, J. A.; Lee, J. H.; 李嗣涔 ; 林浩雄 ; Lee, J. H.; Lee, Si-Chen ; Lin, Hao-Hsiung Journal of Applied Physics 
72005Actuating and detecting of microdroplet using slanted finger interdigital transducersWu, Tsung-Tsong ; Chang, I-HsiangJournal of Applied Physics 3735
82018Ag/SiO<inf>2</inf>surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate for plasticizer detectionWu, M.-C.; Lin, M.-P.; Lin, T.-H.; Su, W.-F.; WEI-FANG SU Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 00
92008Alignment control of liquid crystals using conductive atomic force microscopy nanolithographyLin, T.-C.; Chao, C.-Y.; CHIH-YU CHAO Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 11
102008Analysis of Planar Defect Structures in Three-dimensional Layer-by-layer Photonic CrystalsChen, Ji-Feng; Hong, Rong-Tai; Yang, Jaw-YenJournal of Applied Physics 66
112006Atypical time-dependent magnetic behaviors of Fe–Bi filmsHsu, Jen-Hwa; Wang, Hong-Xian; Sun, An-Cheng; Kuo, Po-ChengJournal of Applied Physics 
122003Blue-Laser Readout Properties of Super Resolution Near Field Structure Disc with Inorganic Write-Once Recording LayerHsu, Wei-Chih; Tseng, Mei-Rurng; Tsai, Song-Yeu; Kuo, Po-ChengJapanese Journal of Applied Physics 
132006Broad-Gain Measurement of Semiconductor Optical Amplifier with Nonidentical Multiple Quantum WellsChang, Wei-Che; Su, Yi-Shin; Wu, Chao-Hsin ; Lin, Ching-Fuh Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 01
142007Broken spin-Hall accumulation symmetry by magnetic field and coexisted Rashba and Dresselhaus interactionsChen, Son-Hsien; Liu, Ming-Hao; Chen, Kuo-Wei; Chang, Ching-Ray Journal of Applied Physics 32
151988Chain-of-spheres calculation on the coercivities of elongated fine particles with both magnetocrystalline and shape anisotropyKuo, P. C.Journal of Applied Physics 
162001Chaotic Behaviors of Bistable Laser Diodes and Its Application in Synchronization of Optical CommunicationWang, Weichung ; Hwang, Tsung-Min; Juang, Cheng; Juang, Jong; Liu, Chin-Yueh; Lin, Wen-WeiJapanese Journal of Applied Physics 77
171998Characteristics of Deuterium-Loaded Fiber Bragg GratingsWang, Lon A. ; Hsu, Chih Wei; Chen, Hsuen Li Japanese Journal of Applied 33
182010Characteristics of electrically switchable wettability surfaces of liquid crystal and polymer composite filmsChiu, Y.-P.; Shen, C.-Y.; Lin, Y.-H.; YA-PING CHIU Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 55
192007Characteristics of integrated high-T-c superconducting quantum interference device magnetometer and gradiometer with serial arrayYang, Hong-Chang; Wu, C. H.; Chen, J. C.; Chen, K. L.; Horng, Herng-Er; Tsai, Yi-Shou; Yang, S. Y.Journal of Applied Physics 54
202008Characterization of directly coupled dual-superconducting quantum interference device magnetometerWu, C. H.; Chen, J. H.; Jhan, F. J.; Jeng, J. T.; Yang, H. C.Journal of Applied Physics 11