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11994A possible way of connecting the Grassmann variables and the number of generationsXIAO-GANG HE Physical Review D 22
22003AFBb and Rb at CERN LEP and new right-handed gauge bosonsXIAO-GANG HE Physical Review D 3032
31995Amplitude zeros in radiative decays of scalar particlesXIAO-GANG HE Physical Review D 66
41980Analytic properties of the vertex function in gauge theories. ITING-WAI CHIU Physical Review D 469437
51980Analytic properties of the vertex function in gauge theories. IITING-WAI CHIU Physical Review D 178152
61995/ and anomalous gauge boson couplingsHe, X.-G.; McKellar, B.H.J.; XIAO-GANG HE Physical Review D 1111
71990Anomaly in even dimensions with an arbitrary signature and the finite-temperature effectXIAO-GANG HE Physical Review D 77
81990Anomaly-free left-right-symmetric models with gauged baryon and lepton numbersXIAO-GANG HE Physical Review D 1814
91979Axially-Symmetric Multi-Instanton Solutions Generated by Conformal-MappingsLo, Ch ; Narain, Ks; Park, Sy; Wali, KcPhysical Review D 24
102004B → η(η′)K(π) in the standard model with flavor symmetryXIAO-GANG HE Physical Review D 3836
112001B-4xf>K and B-x[Xs in the heavy quark limitXIAO-GANG HE Physical Review D 3530
121988B-meson rare decays in two-Higgs-doublet modelsXIAO-GANG HE Physical Review D 5751
132005Baryon number violation involving higher generationsHou, Wei-Shu ; Nagashima, Makiko; Soddu, AndreaPhysical Review D 2521
142002B̄→ π + X in the standard modelXIAO-GANG HE Physical Review D 55
152008B→K*?+?- forward-backward asymmetry and new physicsHou, W. S. and othersPhysical Review D 
161989Charge quantization in supersymmetric, technicolor, and composite modelsXIAO-GANG HE Physical Review D 76
171984Chiral Lagrangian for Proton DecayKaymakcalan, O.; Lo, Ch ; Wali, KcPhysical Review D 1110
182009Comment on "Modeling galaxy halos using dark matter with pressure"Su, K. Y.; Chen, P. S.Physical Review D 
191990Constraints from anomaly cancellation on strong, weak, and electromagnetic interactionsXIAO-GANG HE Physical Review D 1616
201992Constraints on CP-violating nucleon-nucleon interactions in gauge models from atomic electric dipole momentXIAO-GANG HE Physical Review D 2020