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12009A 0.6 V low-power wide-range delay-locked loop in 0.18 ?m CMOSLu, Chung-Ting; Hsieh, Hsieh-Hung; Lu, Liang-Hung journal article
22009A 10 GHz Phase-Locked Loop With a Compact Low-Pass Filter in 0.18 um CMOSLi, Sin-Jhih; Hsieh, Hsieh-Hung; Lu, Liang-Hung journal article
32009A 2-40 GHz active balun using 0.13μm CMOS processHuang, Bo-Jiun; Huang, Bo-Jr; Lin, Kun-Youjournal article
42008A 21 GHz complementary transformer-coupled CMOS VCOLi, Chao-Chieh; Wang, To-Po; Kuo, Che-Chung; Chuang, Mei-Chen; Wang, Hueijournal article4942
52008A 3-5 GHz frequency-tunable receiver frontend for multi-band applicationsWu, C.-R.; Hsieh, H.-H.; Lu, L.-H.; Lai, L.-S.journal article
62008A 3.3mW K-band 0.18-um 1P6M CMOS Active Bandpass Filter Using Complementary Current-Reuse PairHuang, K.-K.; Chiang, Meng-Ju; Tzuang, Ching-Kuang C.journal article
72010A 4–17 GHz darlington cascode broadband medium power amplifier in 0.18-μm CMOS technologyHuang, Pin-Cheng; Lin, Kun-Youjournal article
82008A 50-GHz divide-by-4 injection lock frequency divider using matching methodChaung, Mei-Chen; Kuo, Jhe-Jia; Wang, Chi-Hseuh; Wang, Hueijournal article2924
92010A 60-110-GHz transmission-line integrated SPDT switch in 90 nm CMOS technologyLai, Ruei-Bin; Kuo, Jhe-Jia; Wang, Hueijournal article
102002A 78–114 GHz Monolithic Subharmonically Pumped GaAs-Based HEMT Diode MixerHwang, Yuh-Jing; Lien, Chun-Hsien; Wang, Huei ; Sinclair, Malcolm W.; Gough, Russell G.; Henry Kanoniuk; Chu, Tah-Hsiung journal article
112009A 98/196 GHz low phase noise voltage controlled oscillator with a mode selector using a 90-nm CMOS processChang, Hong-Yeh; Wang, Hueijournal article1713
122005An Inductorless Ka-Band SiGe HBT Ring OscillatorKuo, Wei-Min Lance; Cressler, John D.; Chen, Yi-Jan Emery ; Joseph, Alvin J.journal article1916
132004A Broadband PHEMT MMIC Distributed Doubler Using High-Pass Drain Line TopologyTang, Yu-Lung; Chen, Po-Yo; Wang, Hueijournal article
142009A CMOS True Single-Phase-Clock Divider With Differential OutputsChang, Chih-Wei; Chen, Yi-Jan Emery journal article119
152005A Compact 2.4/5.2-GHz CMOS Dual-Band Low-Noise AmplifierLu, Liang-Hung ; Hsieh, Hsieh-Hung; Wang, Yu-Shunjournal article
162007Compact bandpass filters based on dual-plane microstrip/coplanar-waveguide structure with quarter-wavelength resonatorsKuo, Tsung-Nan; Lin, Shih-Cheng; Wang, Chi-Hsueh; Chen, Chun Hsiungjournal article1816
172006A compact LTCC branch-line coupler using modified-T equivalent-circuit model for transmission lineKuo, Tsung-Nan; Lin, Yo-Shen; Wang, Chi-Hsueh; Chen, Chun Hsiungjournal article
182007A compact ultra-wideband bandpass filter based on split-mode resonatorKuo, Tsung-Nan; Wang, Chi-Hsueh; Chen, Chun Hsiungjournal article
192008A dc-11.5 GHz low-power, wideband amplifier using splitting-load inductive peaking techniqueChao, Shih-Fong; Kuo, Jhe-Jia; Lin, Chong-Liang; Tsai, Ming-Da; Wang, Hueijournal article5444
202010An Efficiency-Improved Outphasing Power Amplifier Using RF Pulse ModulationChen, Jau-Horng journal article23