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1200818-nor-Podocarpanes and podocarpanes from the Bark of Taiwania cryptomerioidesChien, S. C.; Chen, C. C.; Chiu, H. L.; Chang, C. I.; Tseng, M. H.; Kuo, Y. H.Phytochemistry 87
22012A comprehensive investigation of anti-inflammatory diarylheptanoids from the leaves of Alnus formosanaWAN-WAN LIN; SHOEI-SHENG LEEPhytochemistry 3534
31999Abeo-taxanes from Taxus maireiYang, S.-J.; Fang, J.-M.; Cheng, Y.-S.; JIM-MIN FANG Phytochemistry 1820
41994Abietanes and Kauranes from Leaves of Cryptomeria JaponicaSu, Wen-Chiung; 方俊民 ; 鄭玉瑕; Fang, Jim-Min ; Cheng, Yu-ShiaPhytochemistry 
51994Abietanes from leaves of Juniperus chinensisLee, C.-K.; Fang, J.-M.; Cheng, Y.-s.; Fang, Jim-Min Phytochemistry 3032
62010Analysis of the cellulose synthase genes associated with primary cell wall synthesis in Bambusa oldhamiiChen, Chih-Yu; Hsieh, Meng-Hsun; Yang, Chien-Chih ; Lin, Choun-Sea; Wang, Ai-Yu Phytochemistry 2523
71998Anti-platelet aggregation constituents from Formosan Toddalia asiaticaCHE-MING TENGPhytochemistry 7662
82000Anti-platelet aggregation constituents from Gynura ellipticaCHE-MING TENGPhytochemistry 2620
92001Antiplatelet activity of N-methoxycarbonyl aporphines from Rollinia mucosaCHE-MING TENGPhytochemistry 4941
101999Antiplatelet principles from the root of Petasites formosanusCHE-MING TENGPhytochemistry 3025
111986An Antraquinone from Hedyotis Diffusa何東英; Chen, G. P.; Lin, Y. C.; Lin, Y. M.; 陳發清; Ho, Tong-Ing; Lin, Y. C.; Chen, Fa-ChingPhytochemistry 
122012Benzoxazinoids from Scoparia dulcis (sweet broomweed) with antiproliferative activity against the DU-145 human prostate cancer cell lineCHIA-CHUAN CHANG ; Wu, W.-H.; Chen, T.-Y.; Lu, R.-W.; Chen, S.-T.Phytochemistry 4434
131985(+)-Calocedrin, a lignan dihydroanhydride from Calocedrus formosanaFang, J.-M.; Jan, S.-T.; Cheng, Y.-S.; Fang, Jim-Min Phytochemistry 2629
141985(+)-Calocedrin. a Novel Lignan Dihydroanhydride from Calocedrus formosana.方俊民 ; Jan, Shyi-Tai; 鄭玉瑕; Fang, Jim-Min ; Cheng, Yu-ShiaPhytochemistry 
151996Carbazole alkaloids from Clausena excavata and their biological activityCHE-MING TENGPhytochemistry 1170
162002Chemical and anti-platelet constituents from Formosan Zanthoxylum simulansCHE-MING TENGPhytochemistry 8367
172010Cloning, expression, site-directed mutagenesis and immunolocalization of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase in Bambusa oldhamiiHsieh, Lu-Sheng; Ma, Guo-Jhang; Yang, Chien-Chih ; Lee, Ping-DuPhytochemistry 4341
181997Coumarins and anti-HBV constituents from Zanthoxylum schinifoliumSHIN-LIAN DOONG Phytochemistry 7563
191995Coumarins and anti-platelet aggregation constituents from Zanthoxylum schinifoliumCHE-MING TENGPhytochemistry 130118
201996Coumarins and antiplatelet aggregation constituents from formosan Peucedanum japonicumCHE-MING TENGPhytochemistry