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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
11999A modified rheological model of viscosities for BR-SBS blendsWEN-YEN CHIU Journal of Applied Polymer Science 
22005A novel method to prepare chitosan/montmorillonite nanocompositesWEN-YEN CHIU Journal of Applied Polymer Science 7973
32008Accelerated wear testing with a microfabricated surface to evaluate the lubrication ability of biomolecules on polyethyleneFang, H.-W.; Wang, H.-C.; Tsai, T.-H.; Tsai, W.-B.; Hou, S.-Y.; Liu, H.-L.; Lee, W.-H.; Lu, Y.-C.; Huang, C.-H.; WEI-BOR TSAI Journal of Applied Polymer Science 55
42005Adsorption of metal cations by the water soluble N-alkylated disaccharide chitosan derivativesYang, Tsui-Chu; Li, Chin-Fung; Chou, Shin-Shou; Chou, Cheng-ChunJournal of Applied Polymer Science 
51994Allylamine-Adducted Bismaleimide Resins. II. Their Physical/ Mechanical Properties and MorphologyLin, King-Fu; Lin, Jin-SingJournal of Applied Polymer Science 
61994Allylamine-Adduded Bismaleimide Resins. 1. The Curing ReadionsLin, King-Fu; Lin, Jin-SingJournal of Applied Polymer Science 
72006An Amphoteric Water-Soluble Copolymer. II. Effect of Its Molecular Weight on the Dispersion of Barium Titanate in WaterYing, Kuo-Liang; Hsu, Kung-Chung; Wei, Wen-Cheng J. Journal of Applied Polymer Science 
81991Analysis of Filling, Packing and Cooling Stages in Injection Molding of Disk Cavities陳劉旺; 邱文英 ; Wang, C.; Wang, D. C.; Chen, Leo-Wang; Chiu, Wen-Yen Journal of Applied Polymer Science 
91991Analysis of filling, packing, and cooling stages in injection molding of disk cavitiesWEN-YEN CHIU Journal of Applied Polymer Science 55
102000Analysis of Thermosetting Acrylic Polymer Light ConduitsChen, W.C.; Wang, W.J.; WEN-CHANG CHEN Journal of Applied Polymer Science 00
112005Antibacterial activity of chitosan-alginate sponges incorporating silver sulfadiazine: Effect of ladder-loop transition of interpolyelectrolyte complex and ionic crosslinking on the antibiotic releaseYu, S.-H.; Mi, F.-L.; Wu, Y.-B.; Peng, C.-K.; Shyu, S.-S.; Huang, R.-N.; RONG-NAN HUANG Journal of Applied Polymer Science 5152
122002Carbon black containing IPNs based on unsaturated polyester/epoxy. I. Dynamic mechanical properties, thermal analysis, and morphologyShih, Y.-F.; Jeng, R.-J.; RU-JONG JENG Journal of Applied Polymer Science 2423
131997Casting solvent effect on crystallization behavior of poly (vinyl acetate )/poly (ethylene oxide) blends: DSC studyWEN-YEN CHIU Journal of Applied Polymer Science 34
141998Casting Solvent Effect on Crystallization Behavior of Poly (vinyl acetate)/Poly(ethylene oxide) Blends: DSC StudyWu, W. B.; Chiu, W. Y.; Liau, W. B.Journal of Applied Polymer Science 
151997Characteristics of polymer light conduits from different manufacturing processesChen, W.C.; Chang, C.C.; Wang, N.H.; WEN-CHANG CHEN Journal of Applied Polymer Science 3
161998Characterization of the rheological behavior of UHMWPE gels using parallel plate rheometryJYH-HORNG WANGJournal of Applied Polymer Science 
171989Comparative Study of Various Methods for Thermal Legradation of Poly[3- Dimethyl(Methacryloyloxyethyl) Ammonium Propanesulfonate]Liaw, Der-JangJournal of Applied Polymer Science 
181998Comparison of cure conditions for rigid rod epoxy and bisphenol A epoxy using thermomechanical analysisSu, W.F.A.; Schoch Jr.; K.F.; Smith, J.D.B.; WEI-FANG SU Journal of Applied Polymer Science 
201998Core-Shell Particles Designed for Toughening the Epoxy Resins: I. Preparation and Characterization of Core-Shell ParticlesLin, King-Fu; Shieh, Yeow-DerJournal of Applied Polymer Science