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12007Functional MRI of Conventional and Anomalous Metaphors in Mandarin ChineseAhrens, Kathleen; Liu, Ho-Ling; Lee, Chia-Ying; Gong, Shu-Ping; Fang, Shin-Yi; Hsu,Yuan-YuBrain and Language 10094
21989Lateralization in the visual perception of Chinese characters and words.Chang, C. M.; with Yang, M. J.Brain and Language 
32009Lesion characteristics related to treatment improvement in object and action naming for patients with chronic aphasiaYU-LING CHANG Brain and Language 3222
42009Regional changes in word-production laterality after a naming treatment designed to produce a rightward shift in frontal activityYU-LING CHANG Brain and Language 7965
52006Skin denervation and cutaneous vascultis in systemic lupus erythematosus.Tseng, MT; Hsieh, SC; Shun, CT; Lee, KL; Pan, CL; Lin, WM; Lin, YH; Yu, CL; Hsieh, ST.Brain