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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
1199740Ar/39Ar Dating Method and Thermal Geochronology.Wang, P.-L.; Lo, C.H.journal article
21990C-14 Dating and Sedimentary Environment of a Buried Valley in the Lower Reach of the TahanchiLiu, Tsung-Kwei; Wang, Yuan; Chen, Y. G.; 劉聰桂; 王源journal article
31996Fission track study of the mioralitic garnet in Xintsun Unit of the Zhangzhou Igneous Complex, FujianWang, S.; Chen, C.-H.; Tien, J. L.journal article
41989Instrumental neutron activation analysis of rock standardsChung, S.L., Yang, T-Y., Jiang, S.H.; Chen, C-H.journal article
51991Low temperature alteration of ultramafic xenoliths and blocks in basaltic rocks from Kuanhsi-Chutung area (in Chinese)Lu, S.Y.; Chen, C-H.journal article
61981On the origin and tectonic significance of the Lichi Formation, Coastal Range, eastern Taiwan.LOUIS TENG journal article
71985The Sorption of Co-60, Sr-90, Cs-137 and Am-241 by Igneous RocksTseng, H. H.; 陳汝勤; Lo, J. G.; Chen, Ju-Chinjournal article
81981Spatial variations in the geochemistry of Pleistocone andesites in northern Taiwan (in Chinese with English abstract)Yen, T.P.; Chen, C.J.; Chen, C-Hjournal article