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12018Juxtaposed sequence stratigraphy, temporal-spatial variations of sedimentation and development of modern-forming forearc Lichi Melange in North Luzon Trough forearc basin onshore and offshore eastern Taiwan: An overviewCHAR-SHINE LIU Earth-Science Reviews 3331
21979Ocean CirculationWei, Kuo-Yen Earth-Science Reviews 
32019Provenance of sediments in western Foothills and Hsuehshan Range (Taiwan): A new view based on the EMP monazite versus LA-ICPMS zircon geochronology of detrital grainsChen, Cheng Hong; Lee, Chi Yu; Lin, Jian Wei; MEI-FEI CHU Earth-Science Reviews 1817
42005Tibetan tectonic evolution inferred from spatial and temporal variations in post-collisional magmatismSUN-LIN CHUNG ; Chung, Sun-Lin ; MEI-FEI CHU ; Chu, Mei-Fei ; CHING-HUA LO ; Zhang, Yuquan; Xie, Yingwen; Lo, Ching-Hua ; Lee, Tung-Yi; Lan, Ching-Ying; Li, Xianhua; Zhang, Qi; Wang, YizhaoEarth-Science Reviews 13021192
52014Zircon dating of Neoproterozoic and Cambrian ophiolites in West Mongolia and implications for the timing of orogenic processes in the central part of the Central Asian Orogenic BeltBOR-MING JAHN Earth-Science Reviews 8175