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12008The amphioxus genome and the evolution of the chordate karyotypePutnam, Nicholas H.; Butts, Thomas; Ferrier, David E. K.; Furlong, Rebecca F.; Hellsten, Uffe; Kawashima, Takeshi; Robinson-Rechavi, Marc; Shoguchi, Eiichi; Terry, Astrid; Yu, Jr-Kai; Benito-Gutiérrez, E`lia; Dubchak, Inna; Garcia-Fernàndez, Jordi; Gibson-Brown, Jeremy J.; Grigoriev, Igor V.Nature 10741160
22007Axial patterning in cephalochordates and the evolution of the organizerYu, Jr-Kai; Satou, Yutaka; Holland, Nicholas D.; Shin-I, Tadasu; Kohara, Yuji; Satoh, Noriyuki; Bronner-Fraser, Marianne; Holland, Linda Z.Nature 177183
32004Dating the rise of the atmospheric oxygenBekker, A.; Holland, H. D.; Wang, P.-L.; Rumble, D. III; Stein, H. J.; Hannah, J. L.; Coetzee, L. L.; Beukes, N.J.Nature 
42008Difference in Direct CP Violation between Charged and Neutral B Meson DecaysLin, S.-W.; Unno, Y.; Hou, W.-S.; Chang, P.Nature 
52005Distinguishing random environmental fluctuations from ecological catastrophes for the North Pacific OceanHsieh, C. H.; Glaser, S. M.; Lucas, A. J.; Sugihara, G.Nature 
62006Fishing elevates variability in the abundance of exploited speciesHsieh, C. H.; Reiss, S. C.; Hunter, J. R.; Beddington, J. R.; May, R. M.; Sugihara, G.Nature 
71975Influence of Mantle CO2 in the Segregation of Carbonatites and KimberlitesWyllie, P. J.; Huang, W. L.Nature 
81994Mean age of rifting and volcanism on Venus deduced from impact crater densitiesSuppe, J.; Price, M.Nature