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120023D imaging of active structures using earthquake aftershocks: the Northridge thrust.Suppe, J.; Carena, S.Journal of Structural Geology 
220023D mechanical modeling of thrust propagation : distinct-element method.Suppe, J.; Strayer, L. M.Journal of Structural Geology 
32008Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility and P-wave velocity in core samples from the Taiwan Chelungpu-Fault Drilling Project (TCDP)Louis, L.; Natalie Chen, T.-M.; David, C.; Robion, P.; Wong, T.-f.; Song, S.-r.; SHENG-RONG SONG Journal of Structural Geology 1818
41997Bed-by-bed fold growth by kink-band migration: Sant Llorenc de Morunys, eastern Pyrenees.Suppe, J.; Sabat, F.; Munos, J. A.; Poblet, J.; Roca, E.; Verges, J.Journal of Structural Geology 
52010Buckling folds of a single layer embedded in matrix - Folding behavior revealed by numerical analysisHuang, K.-P.; Chang, K.-J.; Wang, T.-T.; Jeng, F.-S.; Huang, Kuo-Pin; TAI-TIEN WANG ; Chang, Kuo-Jen; Wang, Tai-Tien ; Jeng, Fu-Shu Journal of Structural Geology 56
61997Characterization of stress perturbations near major fault zones: Insights from 2-D distinct-element numerical modelling and field studies (Jura mountains)Homberg, C.; Hu, J.C.; Angelier, J.; Bergerat, F.; Lacombe, O.; JYR-CHING HU Journal of Structural Geology 134132
72008Detailed surface co-seismic displacement of the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake in western Taiwan and implication of fault geometry in the shallow subsurfaceHuang, C.; Chan, Y.-C.; Hu, J.-C.; Angelier, J.; Lee, J.-C.; JYR-CHING HU Journal of Structural Geology 46
82016Direct dating of folding events by<sup>40</sup>Ar/<sup>39</sup>Ar analysis of synkinematic muscovite from flexural-slip planesCHING-HUA LO Journal of Structural Geology 69
92014Faulting processes in active faults - Evidences from TCDP and SAFOD drill core samplesSHENG-RONG SONG Journal of Structural Geology 2324
102002Geometry and structure of northern surface ruptures of the 1999 Mw = 7.6 Chi-Chi Taiwan earthquake: Influence from inherited fold belt structuresCHIA-YU LU ; JYR-CHING HU Journal of Structural Geology 109108
112002Geometry and structure of northern surface ruptures of the 1999 Mw=7.6 Chi-Chi Taiwan earthquake: influence from inherited fold belt structuresLee, Jian-Cheng; Chu, Hao-Tsu; Angelier, Jacques; Chan, Yu-Chang; Hu, Jyr-Ching ; Lu, Chia-Yu ; Rau, Ruey-JuinJournal of Structural Geology 109108
122016Growth of mica porphyroblasts under low-grade metamorphism – A Taiwanese case using in-situ<sup>40</sup>Ar/<sup>39</sup>Ar laser microprobe datingCHING-HUA LO Journal of Structural Geology 33
131997Growth of Wheeler Ridge anticline, California: Implications for short-term folding behavior during earthquakes.Suppe, J.; Mueller, K.Journal of Structural Geology 
142007Inference of trishear-faulting processes from deformed pregrowth and growth strataLin, M.L.; WEN-SHAN CHEN ; Wang, C.P.; Chen, W.S.; Yang, C.N.; Jeng, F.S.Journal of Structural Geology 1720
152002Influence of strain rate on buckle folding of an elasto-viscous single layerMAO-HUA TENG Journal of Structural Geology 2021
162002Influence of strain rate on buckle folding of an elasto–viscous single layerJeng, F. S.; Lin, M. L.; Lai, Y. C.; Teng, M. H.Journal of Structural Geology 
172001Initiation and reactivation of faults during movement over a thrust-fault ramp: Numerical mechanical models.Suppe, J.; Erickson, S. G.; Strayer, L. M.Journal of Structural Geology 
181991Joint spacing in sedimentary rocksSuppe, J.; Narr, W.Journal of Structural Geology 
191998Map-view interference of monoclinal foldsSuppe, J.; Novoa, E.; Mount, V.Journal of Structural Geology 
201997Multibend fault-bend folding.Suppe, J.; Medwedeff, D. A.Journal of Structural Geology