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12005Large earthquake-triggered landslides and mountain belt erosion: The Tsaoling case, TaiwanChen, Rou-Fei; Chan, Yu-Chang; Angelier, Jacques; Hu, Jyr-Ching ; Huang, Chung; Chang, Kuo-Jen; Shih, Tian-YuanComptes Rendus Geoscience 3125
22005Monitoring active fault creep as a tool in seismic hazard mitigation. Insights from creepmeter study at Chihshang, TaiwanLee, Jian-Cheng; Angelier, Jacques; Chu, Hao-Tsu; Hu, Jyr-Ching ; Jeng, Fu-Shu Comptes Rendus Geoscience 2220
32008Permo-Triassic intermediate–felsic magmatism of the Truong Son belt, eastern margin of IndochinaHoa, Tran Trong; Anh, Tran Tuan; Phuong, Ngo Thi; Dung, Pham Thi; Anh, Tran Viet; Izokh, Andrey E.; Borisenko, Alexander S.; Lan, C.Y.; Chung, S.L.; Lo, C.H.Comptes Rendus Geosciences