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12016A general solution for groundwater flow in an estuarine's leaky aquifer system after considering aquifer anisotropyYIH-CHI TAN journal article11
22005A novel hysteresis model in unsaturated soilCHEN-WUING LIU ; YIH-CHI TAN journal article6661
32008A two-dimensional inverse model to identify transmissivity in an anisotropic aquiferYIH-CHI TAN journal article95
42006An Analytical solution of transient state of the water table fluctuations due to the ditch recharge on an inclined leaky layerYIH-CHI TAN journal article
52010Analysis of contaminant transport towards a partially penetrating extraction well in an anisotropic aquiferCHEN-WUING LIU journal article33
62008Analysis of infiltration of 2D trickle irrigation under multiple-line sourcesYIH-CHI TAN journal article22
72017Analysis of the contributions of topographic, soil, and vegetation features on the spatial distributions of surface soil moisture in a steep natural forested headwater catchmentWEI-LI LIANG journal article44
82006Analytical solution of water table fluctuations above an inclined leaky layer due to ditch rechargeYIH-CHI TAN journal article33
92005Analytical solutions of infiltration process under ponding irrigationYIH-CHI TAN journal article66
102003Analytical solutions of one-dimensional infiltration before and after pondingYIH-CHI TAN journal article2527
112005Application of Artificial Neural Network to Typhoon Rainfall ForecastingLin, G.F.; Chen, L.H.journal article
122004Application of Spectral Analysis to Determine Hydraulic Diffusivity of a Sandy Aquifer (Pintung County, Taiwan)Shih, David Ching-Fang; Lin, Gwo-Fong journal article1818
132009Auto-configuring radial basis function networks for chaotic time series and flood forecastingChang, Li-Chiu; Chang, Fi-John ; Wang, Yuan-Pengjournal article2422
142008Characterization of groundwater quality in Kinmen Island using multivariate analysis and geochemical modellingCHEN-WUING LIU journal article3636
152013Characterizing the hydraulic properties of unsaturated sand considering various porosities and drying-wetting paths of the retention curveYIH-CHI TAN journal article44
162007Composite analytical solutions for a soil vapour extraction systemCHEN-WUING LIU journal article66
172010Construction of design hyetographs for locations without observed dataLin, Gwo-Fong; Wu, Ming-Chang; Chen, Guo-Rong; Liu, Shen-Jungjournal article77
182002Contaminant Transport in a Single Fractured Media: Analytical Solution and Sensitivity for Considering Pulse, Dirac Delta and Single Sinusoid Input SourcesShih, David Ching-Fang; Lin, Gwo-Fong ; Wang, I-Senjournal article
192008Delineation of spatial redox zones using discriminant analysis and geochemical modelling in arsenic-affected alluvial aquifersCHEN-WUING LIU journal article2322
202005Development of Regional Design HyetographsLin, G.F.; Chen, L.H.; Kao, S.C.journal article2321