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120104-Hydroxy-8-methyl-1,5-naphthyridine aluminium chelate: a morphologically stable and efficient exciton-blocking material for organic photovoltaics with prolonged lifetimeLiu, SW; Lee, CC; Lin, CF; Huang, JC; Chen, CT; Lee, JH; JIUN-HAW LEE Journal of Materials Chemistry 3333
22011A carbazole-phenylbenzimidazole hybrid bipolar universal host for high efficiency RGB and white PhOLEDs with high chromatic stabilityHung, W.-Y.; Chi, L.-C.; Chen, W.-J.; Mondal, E.; Chou, S.-H.; Wong, K.-T.; Chi, Y.; KEN-TSUNG WONG Journal of Materials Chemistry 4845
32011A composite catalytic film of PEDOT:PSS/TiN-NPs on a flexible counter-electrode substrate for a dye-sensitized solar cellYeh, M.-H.; Lin, L.-Y.; Lee, C.-P.; Wei, H.-Y.; Chen, C.-Y.; Wu, C.-G.; Vittal, R.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO Journal of Materials Chemistry 5761
42012A counter electrode based on hollow spherical particles of polyaniline for a dye-sensitized solar cellHuang, K.-C.; Hu, C.-W.; Tseng, C.-Y.; Liu, C.-Y.; Yeh, M.-H.; Wei, H.-Y.; Wang, C.-C.; Vittal, R.; Chu, C.-W.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO Journal of Materials Chemistry 4141
52012A diarylborane-substituted carbazole as a universal bipolar host material for highly efficient electrophosphorescence devicesLin, M.-S.; CHUNG-CHIH WU ; KEN-TSUNG WONG et al. Journal of Materials Chemistry 8486
62012A dicarbazole-triazine hybrid bipolar host material for highly efficient green phosphorescent OLEDsChang, C.-H.; Kuo, M.-C.; Lin, W.-C.; Chen, Y.-T.; Wong, K.-T.; Chou, S.-H.; Mondal, E.; Kwong, R.C.; Xia, S.; Nakagawa, T.; Adachi, C.; KEN-TSUNG WONG Journal of Materials Chemistry 99105
72012A dual-functional Pt/CNT TCO-free counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cellLiu, C.-T.; Wang, Y.-C.; Dong, R.-X.; Wang, C.-C.; Huang, K.-C.; Vittal, R.; Ho, K.-C.; Lin, J.-J.; KUO-CHUAN HO ; JIANG-JEN LIN Journal of Materials Chemistry 2324
82010A facile approach towards optically isotropic, colorless, and thermoplastic polyimidothioethers with high refractive indexYen, H.-J.; Liou, G.-S.; GUEY-SHENG LIOU Journal of Materials Chemistry 2423
92010A high performance dye-sensitized solar cell with a novel nanocomposite film of PtNP/MWCNT on the counter electrodeHuang, K.-C.; Wang, Y.-C.; Dong, R.-X.; Tsai, W.-C.; Tsai, K.-W.; Wang, C.-C.; Chen, Y.-H.; Vittal, R.; Lin, J.-J.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO ; JIANG-JEN LIN Journal of Materials Chemistry 124122
102012A highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cell with a platinum nanoflowers counter electrodeHsieh, T.-L.; Chen, H.-W.; Kung, C.-W.; Wang, C.-C.; Vittal, R.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO Journal of Materials Chemistry 5757
112010A new benzimidazole/carbazole hybrid bipolar material for highly efficient deep-blue electrofluorescence, yellow-green electrophosphorescence, and two-color-based white OLEDsHung, W.-Y.; Chi, L.-C.; Chen, W.-J.; Chen, Y.-M.; Chou, S.-H.; Wong, K.-T.; KEN-TSUNG WONG Journal of Materials Chemistry 188193
122012A new supramolecular film formed from a silsesquioxane derivative for application in proton exchange membranesCheng, C.-C.; Yen, Y.-C.; Ko, F.-H.; Chu, C.-W.; Fan, S.-K.; Chang, F.-C.; SHIH-KANG FAN Journal of Materials Chemistry 2121
132011A new type of donor-acceptor dye bridged by the bidentate moiety; Metal ion complexation enhancing DSSC performanceChen, B.-S.; Chen, Y.-J.; Chou, P.-T.; PI-TAI CHOU Journal of Materials Chemistry 1414
142009A simple strategy for improving the energy conversion of multilayered CdTe quantum dot-sensitized solar cellsLan, Guo-Yu; Yang, Zusing; Lin, Yang-Wei; Lin, Zong-Hong; Liao, Hao-Ying; Chang, Huan-Tsung; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG Journal of Materials Chemistry 8286
152010A ternary cascade structure enhances the efficiency of polymer solar cellsHuang, J.-H.; Velusamy, M.; Ho, K.-C.; Lin, J.-T.; Chu, C.-W.; KUO-CHUAN HO Journal of Materials Chemistry 9398
162009A thermally cured 9,9-diarylfluorene-based triaryldiamine polymer displaying high hole mobility and remarkable ambient stabilityLin, C.-Y.; Lin, Y.-C.; Hung, W.-Y.; Wong, K.-T.; Kwong, R.C.; Xia, S.C.; Chen, Y.-H.; Wu, C.-I.; CHIH-I WU ; KEN-TSUNG WONG ; Chen, Yu-Hung Journal of Materials Chemistry 3742
172009Achieving high-efficiency non-doped blue organic light-emitting diodes: Charge-balance control of bipolar blue fluorescent materials with reduced hole-mobilityChi, C.-C.; Chiang, C.-L.; Liu, S.-W.; Yueh, H.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Journal of Materials Chemistry 7575
182012Acid-base bi-functionalized, large-pored mesoporous silica nanoparticles for cooperative catalysis of one-pot cellulose-to-HMF conversionPeng, W.-H.; Lee, Y.-Y.; Wu, C.; Wu, K.C.-W.; KEVIN CHIA-WEN WU Journal of Materials Chemistry 94100
192012Acid-Base Bi-functionalized, Large-pored Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Cooperative Catalysis of One-Pot Cellulose-to-HMF Conversion.Peng, Wun-Huei; Lee, Yin-Ying; Wu, Connie; Wu, Kevin C.-W.Journal of Materials Chemistry 94100
202010All-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells incorporating SWCNTs and crystal growth inhibitorLee, C.-P.; Lin, L.-Y.; Chen, P.-Y.; Vittal, R.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO Journal of Materials Chemistry 6057