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12014A Longitudinal Study of Association Strength and Semantic Transparency in Semantic Processing of Chinese Characters in ChildrenTAI-LI CHOU journal article
22014A longitudinal study of semantic association and categorical relatedness in children’s semantic processing of Chinese charactersTAI-LI CHOU journal article
32001The accuracy and stability of self-reports.Chang, C. M.
42014Assessing consonant perception ability and its association with reading development in school-aged children with reading difficulty.FENG-MING TSAO journal article
51991An autocorrelation model of pattern similarity.Chang, C. M.; Chen, S.-J.
62003Chinese orthographic priming in lexical decision and naming tasksJEI-TUN WU 
71999Classification of the shapes of Chinese characters: Verification by different predesignated categories and varied sample sizes.Yeh, S.L.; Li, J.L.; Chen, K.M.
82008The clinical applicability of the Arithmetic, Digit Span subtests of the Taiwan WAIS-III, and their composite in reflecting the Working Memory Index: A retrospective study.Wang, W.-H.; Hua, M.-S.; Yang, C.-C.; Chu, Y.-C.; Cheng, T.-W.; , Yeh, P.-C.; Chiu, M.-C.; Chen, T.-F.; Huang, S.-J.; Chen, S.-T.; Hsu, W.-C.
92000A comparative study on scale descriptor selection: heterogeneous group vs. homogeneous groupYao, G.; Lin M. R.; Wang, J. D.
101994Computer game and intrinsic motivation: A re-implementation of WEST.Hue, C.W.; Chung, I.L.; Chan, T.W.
112004Contextual similarity effect on negative priming.Yang, T.-Y.; Yeh, Y.-Y.; Chao, H.-F.
122001Critical phase band for Chinese character recognition.Chen, I.
132003Different effects of level-of processing and self-generation in implicit testsChang, C. M
142001Differentiation between the attempts and the consequences of conflict resolutions for filial dilemmas: A content analysis of television prime-time dramas.Lay, K.-L.; Chiang, M.-Y.; Yang, P.-F.
151996Effect of stimulus complexity and type of presentation on mental rotation stages.Chou, T.L.; Luh, W.M.; Cheng, C.C.; Wu, J.T.
162002Effects of unitization on implicit memory for picture-word pairsYeh, Y.-Y.; Chao, H.-F.; Huang, C.-L.; Kung, Y.-W.
172007Episodic memory feeling-of-knowing in early demented patients with Alzheimer’s disease.Wang, Y.-L.; Hua, M.-S.; Chang, W.-N.; Lu, C.-H.
182000Evaluating semantic priming and homophonic priming in recognition and naming of Chinese charactersJEI-TUN WU journal article
192000An evaluation of the process-dissociation procedure by contrasting performance between inclusion/exclusion and inclusion-labeling tasks.Chang, C. M.; Huang, C.-L.
201987Follow-Up Study of Examination Stress on Health of Adolescents in Taiwan張玨; Msieh, F. J.; Chang, Chuehjournal article