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12014Acid-induced hyperalgesia and anxio-depressive comorbidity in ratsLiu, Y.-T.; Shao, Y.-W.; Yen, C.-T.; Shaw, F.-Z.; CHEN-TUNG YEN Physiology and Behavior 1724
21990Cholecystokinin Octapeptide Increases Passive Avoidance Latencies in Rats蕭世朗; Deupree, D.Physiology and Behavior 
31988Cholecystokinin Octapeptide, Proglumide, and Conditioned Taste Aversion in Rats蕭世朗; Deupree, D.Physiology and Behavior 
41980Cholecystokinin, Meal Pattern, and the Intermeal Interval:Can Eating be Stopped Before It Starts?蕭世朗; Wang, C. H.; Schallert, T.Physiology and Behavior 
51979Consistency of Cholecystokinin Satiety Effect Across Deprivation Levels and Motivational States蕭世朗; Mueller, K.Physiology and Behavior 
61985Dopaminergic Behavior in Frontal Decorticated Rats蕭世朗; Itoh, S.; Katsuura, G.Physiology and Behavior 
71977Effects of Cervical and Subdiaphragmatic Vagotomy on Volemic and Osmotic Thirst蕭世朗; Zimmer, L.; Meliza, L.Physiology and Behavior 
81971Feeding-Drinking Interaction:Food Rationing and Intake of Liquid Varying in Taste, Caloric, and Osmotic Properties蕭世朗; Pertulakes, W.Physiology and Behavior 
91986Hedonic Reactivity to Sucrose in Rats:Modification by PimozideBailey, Catherine S.; Hsiao, Sigmund; King, James E.Physiology and Behavior 
102002Individual recognition after fighting by golden hamsters: a new methodLai, W.S. & Johnston, R.EPhysiology and Behavior 
111971Learning of Food-Water Positions by Hippocampectomized Rats蕭世朗; Issacson, R. L.Physiology and Behavior 
121986Licking Patterns for Sucrose Solutions by Young and Aged Squirrel Monkeys蕭世朗; King, J. E.; Leeming, M. N.Physiology and Behavior 
131971Liquid Intake, Initiation, and Amount of Eating as Determined by Osmolality of Drinking Liquids蕭世朗; Langenes, D.Physiology and Behavior 
142016Nocifensive behavior-related laser heat-evoked component in the rostral agranular insular cortex revealed using morphine analgesiaWu, W.-Y.; Liu, C.-Y.; Tsai, M.-L.; Yen, C.-T.; CHEN-TUNG YEN Physiology and Behavior 68
151980Oral Preloads of Liquid Diet and Hormonal Satiety Mechanisms蕭世朗; Mueller, K.Physiology and Behavior 
161999Pituitary CRH receptor blockade reduces waking in the ratChang, F.-C.; Opp, M.R.; Chang, Fang-Chia Physiology and Behavior 2219
171988Preference Diffences for Sucrose Solutions in Young and Aged Squirrel Monkeys蕭世朗; Michels, R. R.; King, J. E.Physiology and Behavior 
181992Retention of an Inhibitory Avoidance Response in Rats Is Enhanced by Fluoxetine and Impaired by 8-OH-DPAT Injected into the Lateral SeptumLiang, Keng-Chen ; Shiu, W. H.; 梁庚辰 ; Lee, E. H. Y.; Chen, H. Y.; Lin, W. R.; Shiu, W. H.Physiology and Behavior 
191975Short-Term Satiety Signals Generated by Saccharin and Sucrose Solutions蕭世朗; Tuntland, P.Physiology and Behavior