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12011A biological validation procedure for the measurements of fecal outputs and fecal cortisol metabolites in male Syrian hamstersKuo, M.-T.; Jong, D.-S.; Lai, W.-S.; Jong, De-Shien ; Lai, Wen-Sung Chinese Journal of Physiology 55
22012A requirement of low-threshold calcium spike for induction of spike-timing-dependent plasticity at corticothalamic synapses on relay neurons in the ventrobasal nucleus of rat thalamusHsu, C.-L.; Yang, H.-W.; Yen, C.-T.; Min, M.-Y.; MING-YUAN MIN Chinese Journal of Physiology 44
32010Action potential bursts in central snail neurons elicited by procaine: Roles of ionic currentsPEI-LIN LIN Chinese Journal of Physiology 22
42002Amphetamine induced sensitization in acoustic startle: Lack of blockade by adrenalectomy and alpha-helical CRF 9-41Chen, D.-Y.; Liang, K.C.; KENG-CHEN LIANG Chinese Journal of Physiology 1
52009Amygdala stimulation-induced cardiovascular effects are state dependent in rats.Chiou, R.-J.; Kuo, C.-C.; Liang, K.-C.; Yen, C.-T.Chinese Journal of Physiology 
61998The Antioxidative Property of Green Tea against Iron-induced Oxidative Stress in Rat Brain.Lin, Anya M.-Y.; Chyi, B.-Y.; Wu, L.-Y.; Hwang, Lucy Sun; Ho, L.-T.Chinese Journal of Physiology 
71990Antiplatelet action of dehydrokawain derivatives isolated from Alpinia speciosa rhizomaCHE-MING TENGChinese Journal of Physiology 
82003Arginine Vasopressin Produces Inhibition Upon Respiration without Pressor Effect in the RatLIN, JAW-TOWNCHINESE JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY 
91998Attenuation of cardiac but not vascular component in baroreflex of spontaneously hypertensive ratsHan, C.-J.; Tsai, M.-L.; Chen, R.-F.; Chai, C.Y.; Yen, C.-T.; RUEI-FENG CHEN Chinese Journal of Physiology 
101998Attenuation of cardiac but not vascular component in baroreflex of spontaneously hypertensive ratsHan, C.-J.; Tsai, M.-L.; Chen, R.-F.; Chai, C.Y.; Yen, C.-T.; CHEN-TUNG YEN Chinese Journal of Physiology 
111991Biochemical events coupled to the activation of serotonin receptors in brain regions of the ratMING-JEN LEEChinese Journal of Physiology 
122005BOLD signals correlate with ensemble unit activity in rats somatosensory cortex.Kuo, C.-C.; Chen, J-H, Tsai, C-Y.; Liang, K. C.; Yen, C.-T.Chinese Journal of Physiology 
132005BOLD signals correlate with ensemble unit activity in rat’s somatosensory cortexChung-Chih Kuo; Jyh-Horng Chen; Chin-Yen Tsai; Keng-Chen Liang; Chen-Tung Yen; JYH-HORNG CHEN Chinese Journal of Physiology 43
141992Cardiovascular effects of endothelin in chronic hypoxic ratsING-SH CHIUChinese Journal of Physiology 
152008Characterization of a stable steroidogenic caprine luteal cell Line transformed by a temperature- sensitive simian virus 40Chiu, C. H.; I. C. Guo; D. S. Jong; J. H. Lin; C. L. Chen; Wu, L. S.Chinese Journal of Physiology 
162008Characterization of a stable steroidogenic caprine luteal cell line transformed by a temperature-sensitive simian virus 40Chiu, C.-H.; Guo, I.-C.; Lin, J.-H.; Wu, L.-S. Chinese Journal of Physiology 5
171998Coexistence of Glutamate and Acetylcholine in the Developing MotoneuronsWEN-MEI FUChinese Journal of Physiology 
182004Detection of mediator-induced airway constriction by barometric plethysmography in micePING-HUNG KUOChinese Journal of Physiology 
191994Diurnal Electrolyte Excretion Pattern Affects Estimated of Electrolyte Status Based on 24-Hour, Half-Day, and Overnight Urine潘文涵; Chen, Jen-Yang; Chen, Y. C.; Tsai, W. Y.; Pan, Wen-Han; Chen, Y. C.Chinese Journal of Physiology 
201995Effect of DC-015, a novel potent and selective α1-adrenoceptor antagonist, comparison with prazosin on noradrenaline-induced platelet aggregationTur-Fu HuangChinese Journal of Physiology