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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
120043+1+1=1:Disempowerment in Multi-Ethnic Autonomous Counties - The Case of Longsheng石之瑜Issues & Studies 
22008Between Independence and Unification: An Ordered Probit Analysis of Panel Survey Data on Taiwan's Constitutional FutureTsai, Chia-Hung; Wang, Ding-Ming; Tossutti, Livianna S.Issues & Studies 
31983Communist China and the Rule of Law:Theory and Practic in ReviewMa, Herbert Han-PaoIssues & Studies 
42005Confucianism and Democratic Values in Three Chinese SocietiesYU-TZUNG CHANG ; YUN-HAN CHU ; Tsai, Frank; 朱雲漢 ; 張佑宗 ; 蔡自強; YU-TZUNG CHANG Issues & Studies 
51996Electoral Reform is no Panacea: An Assessment of Japan’s Electoral System After the 1994 ReformHuang, Wei-FengIssues & Studies 
61997Ethnic Conffict and Democratic Consolidation in Taiwan: Dissolving the Logic of Nation-State and Democratic PoliciesYU-TZUNG CHANG ; YU-TZUNG CHANG Issues & Studies 
72001The Evolution of Central- Provincial Relations in Post-Mao China, 1978-1998: An Event History Analysis of the Provincial Leader TurnoverTao, Yi-Feng Issues & Studies 
82006The Evolution of Political Business Cycle in Post-Mao China陶儀芬 Issues & Studies 
92009Factors Affecting Viewers’ Perceptions of Sensationalism in Television News: A Survey Study in TaiwanWang, Tai-Li; Cohen, Akiba A.; TAI-LI WANG Issues & Studies 
102005Forging a World Production House in Coastal China: the Domestic Institutional Foundation of Foreign Investment Growth since the Mid-1990s陶儀芬 ; 陳明祺Issues & Studies 
112000Freedom, Rights, and Authority in Chen Duxiu's ThinkingHuang, Chang-Ling Issues & Studies 
121980Law and Communist China:a Comparative Jurisprudential Analysis.Ma, Herbert Han-PaoIssues & Studies 
131993Peking’s Diplomatic Strategies in a Changing World, 1989-92包宗和Issues & Studies 
141992President Lee's Rise to Power and His ReformTHOMAS C.P. PENG Issues & Studies 
152017Reviving the Dragon: Social Ideas and Social Policy Development in Modern ChinaSHIH-JIUNN SHI Issues & Studies 00
162009Russia’s Foreign Policy Surge: Causes and Implications吳玉山 Issues & Studies 
171980A Socialist Legal System for Communist China:Some Critical ThoughtsMa, Herbert Han-PaoIssues Studies 
182006Spatial Variation of the DPP's Expansion between Taiwan's Presidential ElectionsLay, Jinn-Guey ; Chen, Yu-Wen ; Yap, Ko-HuaIssues & Studies 22
192002Will Problems in China’s Financial Sector Be the Trigger for Total Collapse?Tao, Yi-Feng Issues & Studies