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11995Advances in Psychiatric GeneticsHwu, Hai-Gwo 
21995Advances in Psychiatric GeneticsHAI-GWO HWU journal article
32004amplified DNA disclosed genomic instability in successive cutting-propagated clones of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L) Lam.) with N-fertilizer treatmentsLo, Hsiao-Feng ; Chiu, Shis-Hua; Lo, Shu-Fung; Chen, Long-Fang O.journal article
41995Androgen Receptor Gene Polymorphism and SchizophreniaHAI-GWO HWU journal article
62008Breast Cancer in Asian WomenCHIUN-SHENG HUANGjournal article
72002Cartilage RegenerationCHING-CHUAN JIANG journal article00
82005Circadian Expressions of Starch Branching Enzyme Gene in Sweet Potato LeavesPao, Wei-Po; Liu, Li-Fei; Wang, Shu-Jen; SHU-JEN WANG journal article
92009Detection of EGFR Mutation by High Sensitive MALDI-TOF MS for Predicting EGFR-TKIs Response and Treatment Outcome of Stage ⅢB/Ⅳ PatientsJIN-YUAN SHIH journal article
102008DNA Aptamer for Molecular Recognition and Protein Expression ProfilingKonan Peck; Lin-Chi Chen; Shin-Cheng Tzeng; Yu-Shu Kao; Wei-Chen Kao; LIN-CHI CHEN ; Peck, Konan; Chen, Lin-Chi ; Tzeng, Shin-Cheng; Kao, Yu-Shu; Kao, Wei-Chenjournal article
111990Early Amniocentesis for Prenatal DiagnosisKo, T. M.; Tseng, L. H.; Chang, L. S.; Pan, M. F.; 謝豐舟; 李鎡堯; Chang, L. S.; Pan, M. F.; Hsieh, Fon-Jou; Lee, Tzu-Yao
121992Enhanced Expression and High Serum Level of Total Lactic Dehydrogenase in a Papillary Adenocarcinoma of the Ovary陳瑞堅; Lin, Jen-Kun
131992Enhanced Expression of C-Ki-ras Oncogene and High Serum Level of Total Lactic Dehydrogenase in a Papillary Adenocarcinoma of the OvaryChow, Song-Nan; Chien, C. H.; Chen, Ruey-Jien; 周松男; Chien, C. H.; 陳瑞堅; Lin, J. K.; Li, S. S. L.
142003Expression of Cyclin D1 and p16INK4 Gene Products in Human Ovarian CancerChin-Hsiang; Chen, Chin-Tin ; Shun, Chia-Tung; Lee, Yu-San; Chow, Song-Nan
152003Expression of Cyclin D1and P16 Ink4 Gene Products in Human Ovarian CancerCHOW, SONG-NAN
162008Expression of Glycine max Physiologically Mature Genes in Soybean (Glycine max L.) TissuesTsai, Yuan-Ching; Wu, Ming-Tsung; Hsieh, Jaw-Shu; Hsing, Yue-Ie C.; Shih, Ming-Derjournal article
171993Factors Affecting Women's Acceptance of Amniocentesis and Their Concerns黃璉華; 柯滄銘; 謝豐舟; Lee, Tzu-Yao; 黃璉華; 柯滄銘; Hsieh, Fon-Jou
182002From Cell-corpse Engulfment to Cell Migration in C. elegansYi-Chun Wu ; Miao-Chih Tsai; Li-Chun Cheng; Chung-Jung Chou; Nei-Yin Weng
192001Genes Expressed During Late Seed DevelopmentChow, Teh-Yuan; Chung, Mei-Chu; Hsieh, Jaw-Shu; Hsing, Yue-Ie; Tsou, Chih-Hua; Wen, Tuan-Nanjournal article
201998Genetic Engineering for Xenotransplantation (Transgenic Pigs for HLA-II in the Study of Xenotransplantation).Lee CJ; Tu CF; Lee JM; Pan IH; Lee KHjournal article