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120155 alpha-Reductase inhibitor is less effective in men with small prostate volume and low serum prostatic specific antigen levelLin, Victor C.; Liao, Chun-Hou; Wang, Chung-Cheng; Kuo, Hann-ChorngJ. Formos. Med. Assoc. 77
22012Accountability, utilization and providers for diabetes management in Taiwan, 2000-2009: An analysis of the National Health Insurance databaseTIEN-JYUN CHANG ; YI-DER JIANG ; CHIA-HSUIN CHANG ; Chung, Ching-Hu; Yu, Neng-Chun; LEE-MING CHUANG J. Formos. Med. Assoc. 3427
31995Adenocarcinoma of the gastric cardia: prognostic significance of pathologic and treatment factors.Tsai, MK; Jeng, JY; Lee, WJ; Wang, M; Lee, PH; Yu, SC; Lee, YC; Wei, TC; Chen, KM.J Formos Med Assoc 
42012Altered glycosylation of circulatory IgA1 involved in Henoch-Schonlein purpura and IgA nephropathyYu, Hsin-Hui; Chiang, Bor-Luen; Yang, Yao-HsuJ. Formos. Med. Assoc. 
52003Amisulpride versus risperidone in the treatment of schizophrenic patients: a double-blind pilot study in Taiwan.Hwang, TJ; Lee, SM; Sun, HJ; Lin, HN; Tsai, SJ; Lee, YC; Chen, YSJ Formos Med Assoc 
62002Antibiotic usage in community-acquired infections in hospitals in TaiwanHo, M; Chang, HC; Yin, HC; Ben, RJ; Chang, LY; Chen, PY; Cheng, SH; Chen, STJ Formos Med Assoc 
71999Antimicrobial susceptibility of clinical isolates of vancomycin-resistant enterococci in Taiwan.薛博仁J Formos Med Assoc 
81998Antimicrobial susceptibility testing for Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates resistant to extended-spectrum b-lactam antibioticsJan, IS; Hsueh, PR; Teng, LJ; Ho, SW; Yang, PC; Luh, KTJ Formos Med Assoc 
92002Association of Psychological Distress with Psychological Factors in Rescue Workers within Two Months after a Major EarthquakeLiao, Shih-Cheng; Lee, Ming-Been; Lee, Yue-Joe; Weng, Tei; Shih, Fu-Yung; Ma, Matthew HMJ Formos Med Assoc 
102004Bacteremic Streptococcus bovis infections at a university hospital, 1992-2001Jean, SS; Teng, LJ; Hsueh, PR; Ho, SW; Luh, KTJ Formos Med Assoc 
111994Barium - pudding: a new medium for videofluoroscopic examination.Chen, HS; Wang, TG; Chang, YC; Yang, YC; Shieh, HR; Lai, JS; Lien, IN.J Formos Med Assoc 
122006Behavioral and psychological symptoms in different types of dementiaChiu, MJ; Chen, TF; Yip, PK; Hua, MS; Tang, LYJ Formos Med Assoc 
132005Blood-aqueous barrier function in a patient with combined hamartomas of the retina and retinal pigment epitheliumCHEN, MS; CHANG, CC; CHENG, SF; FAN, IM; HOU, PKJ Formos Med Assoc 
142002Cardiac tamponade caused by intrapericardial yolk sac tumor in a boySHYH-JYE CHENJ Formos Med Assoc 
151999Cardiorespiratory response of heart transplantation recipients to exercise in the early postoperative periodChen, Ssu-Yuan; Lan, Ching; Ko, Wen-Je; Chou, Nai-KuanJ Formos Med Assoc 
161982A case of melanotic neuroectodermal tumor of infancyKuo, Y. S.; Kwan, H. W.; Hahn, L. J.; Tseng, C. C.; Chiang, C. P.; Ling, E. R.; Leu, G. S.J Formos Med Assoc 
172013Central granular cell odontogenic tumor of the mandibleCheng, Shih-Jung; Wang, Yi-Ping; Chen, Hsin-Ming; Chiang, Chun-PinJ. Formos. Med. Assoc. 
182004Characteristics and trends in incidence of inflammatory bowel disease in Taiwanese children.Tsai, CH; Chen, HL; Ni, YH; Hsu, HY; Jeng, YM; Chang, CJ; Chang, MH.J Formos Med Assoc 
191994Clinical application of the ice water test in evaluation of neurogenic bladder dysfunction.Wang, TG; Hsu, TC; Wang, YH; Lai, JS; Lien, IN.J Formos Med Assoc 
202008Clinical Characteristics and Treatment Response of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in Taiwan.Wu, SJ; Chen, CY; Su, IJ; Tang, JL; Chou, WC; Ko, BS; Huang, SY; Yao, M; Tsay, W; Chen, YC; Wang, CH; Tien, HF.J Formos Med Assoc