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12016A New Visual Stimulation Program for Improving Visual Acuity in Children with Visual Impairment: A Pilot StudyTsai, Li-Ting; Hsu, Jung-Lung; Wu, Chien-Te; Chen, Chia-Ching; Su, Yu-ChinFrontiers in Human Neuroscience 70
22016A new visual stimulation program for improving visual acuity in children with visual impairment: A pilot studyCHIEN-TE WUFrontiers in Human Neuroscience 70
32016An increase in postural load facilitates an anterior shift of processing resources to frontal executive function in a postural-suprapostural taskHuang, Cheng-Ya; CHENG-YA HUANG; Chang, Gwo-Ching; Tsai, Yi-Ying; Hwang, Ing-ShiouFrontiers in Human Neuroscience 74
42015Attention deficits revealed by passive auditory change detection for pure tones and lexical tones in ADHD childrenWANG-TSO LEE; Yang, Ming-Tao; Hsu, Chun-Hsien; Yeh, Pei-Wen; Lee, Wang-Tso; Liang, Jao-Shwann; Fu, Wen-Mei; Lee, Chia-YingFrontiers in Human Neuroscience 811
52016Distinct and overlapping brain areas engaged during value-based, mathematical, and emotional decision processingHsu, Chun-Wei; Goh, Joshua O. S.; 吳恩賜 Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 13
62009Effects of vocabulary sizes on semantic processing to Chinese characters between fifth graders and adultsChou ,T. L.; Chen, C. W.; Fan L. Y.; Chen, S. Y.; Booth J. R.Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 
72008Face processing is gated by visual spatial attentionCHIEN-TE WUFrontiers in Human Neuroscience 2425
82018Financial incentives differentially regulate neural processing of positive and negative emotions during value-based decision-makingFarrell, Anne M.; GOH, JOSHUA ; White, Brian J.Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 00
92018How do acquired political identities influence our neural processing toward others within the context of a trust game?CHIEN-TE WUFrontiers in Human Neuroscience 24
102015Neuroplastic changes in resting-state functional connectivity after stroke rehabilitationFan, Yang-teng; KEH-CHUNG LIN; Fan, Yang-teng; Wu, Ching-yi; Wu, Ching-yi; Liu, Ho-ling; Liu, Ho-ling; Lin, Keh-chung; Lin, Keh-chung; Wai, Yau-yau; Wai, Yau-yau; Chen, Yao-liangFrontiers in Human Neuroscience 2334
112016Pain perception can be modulated by mindfulness training: A resting-state fMRI studySu, I.-W.; 孫維仁; 謝松蒼; 孫維仁; 謝松蒼; Su, I-Wen ; KENG-CHEN LIANG ; Sun, Wei-Zen ; Chou, Tai-Li Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 58
122009Spatial selection of features within perceived and remembered objectsBO-CHENG KUO Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 3126
132009Testing for a cultural influence on reading for meaning in the developing brain: The neural basis of semantic processing in Chinese childrenLiu, Yi-Hung; Chou, T.L.; TAI-LI CHOU ; Wu, Chien-Te; Chen, C.W.; Fan, L.Y.; Cheng, Wei-Teng; Chen, S.Y.; Hsiao, Yu-Tsung; Booth, J.R.; Chen, Po-Ming; Teng, Jyh-TongFrontiers in Human Neuroscience 1417