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12011A quick dementia screening tool for primary care physiciansCHING-YU CHEN ; CHIN-YING CHEN journal article1915
22011Assessment of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia by family caregiversCHIN-YING CHEN ; Kwok, YT; Chen, CY; Ming-Jang Chiu; Chiu, MJ; Tang, LY; Leung, KKjournal article21
32017Bone health among older adults in TaiwanWEI-CHU CHIE journal article00
42014Concurrent and convergent validity of the mobility- and multidimensional-hierarchical disability categorization models with physical performance in community older adultsHu, M.-H.; Yeh, C.-J.; Chen, T.-R.; Wang, C.-Y.; Hu, Ming-Hsia; Jaw, Fu-Shan ; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Yu, Hong-Jeng journal article00
52016Determinants of rate of change in functional disability: An application of latent growth curve modelingTUNG-LIANG CHIANG; YU-KANG TU ; YA-MEI CHEN ; DUAN-RUNG CHEN journal article44
62010Diabetes mellitus and functional impairment in Taiwanese older men and womenWu, C.-H.; Chen, C.-Y.; Wu, Y.-C.; Weng, L.-J.; Hurng, B.-S.journal article09
72014Disability trajectories and associated disablement process factors among older adults in TaiwanTUNG-LIANG CHIANG ; YU-KANG TU ; YA-MEI CHEN ; DUAN-RUNG CHEN journal article1718
82011Does different exercise have the same effect of health promotion for the elderly? Comparison of training-specific effect of Tai Chi and swimming on motor controlWong, Alice M K; Chou, Shih Wei; Huang, Shu Chun; CHING LAN ; Chen, Hsieh Ching; Hong, Wei Hsien; Chen, Carl P C; Pei, Yu Cheng1813
92012Drug-related problems (DRPs) identified from geriatric medication safety review clinicsChan, Ding-Cheng ; DING-CHENG CHAN ; Chen, Jen-Hau; Kuo, Hsu-Ko; We, Chiung-Jung; Lu, I-Shu; Chiu, Lee-Shu; Wu, Shwu-Chongjournal article3733
102010Health, financial stresses, and life satisfaction affecting late-life depression among older adults: a nationwide, longitudinal survey in Taiwan呂碧鴻 ; 陳亮汝; 吳淑瓊; LUE, BEE-HORNG ; CHEN, LIANG-JU; WU, SHWU-CHONG; 呂碧鴻 ; 陳亮汝; 吳淑瓊059
112009Home environmental problems and physical function in Taiwanese older adultsLan, Tzuo-Yun; CHING-YU CHEN ; Wu, Shwu-Chong; Wu, Shwu-Chong; Chang, Wen-Chiung; LAN, TZUO-YUN; Chen, Ching-Yu ; WU, SHWU-CHONG; WU, SHWU-CHONG; CHEN, CHING-YU ; CHEN, CHING-YU journal article1010
122009Home environmental problems and physical function in Taiwanese older adultsLan, TY; Wu, SC; Chang, WC; Chen; CY.1010
132012In addition to malnutrition and renal function impairment, anemia is associated with hyponatremia in the elderlyKUO-CHIN HUANG journal article55
142011Mobility-related performance tests to predict mobility disability at 2-year follow-up in community-dwelling older adultsMING-HSIA HUjournal article2931
152009Mobility-related performance tests to predict mobility disability at two-year follow up in community-dwelling older adultsWang, CY; Yeh, CJ; Hu, MH
162011Multiple Morbidity Combinations Impact on Medical Expenditures among Older AdultsChi, Mei-ju; Lee, Cheng-yi; Wu, Shwu-chong65
172014Older patients' depressive symptoms 6 months after prolonged hospitalization: Course and interrelationships with major associated factorsCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN journal article66
182011The Prevalence of Chronic Conditions and Medical Expenditures of the Elderly by Chronic Condition Indicator (Cci)Chi, Mei-ju; Lee, Cheng-yi; Wu, Shwu-chong4340
192011Prevalence of geriatric conditions: A hospital-wide survey of 455 geriatric inpatients in a tertiary medical centerCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; Chen, C.C-H.; Yen, C.J.; CHUNG-JEN YEN; YU-TZU DAI ; Dai, Y.T.; Wang, Charlotte.; CHEN, CHERYL CHIA-HUI ; Huang, G.H; YEN, CHUNG-JEN; DAI, YU-TZU ; HUANG, GUAN-HUAjournal article1212
202010The prevalence of subjective frailty and factors associated with frailty in TaiwanCHEN, CHIN-YING; WU, SHWU-CHONG; CHEN, LIANG-JU; LUE, BEE-HORNG; 陳晶瑩; 吳淑瓊; 陳亮汝; 呂碧鴻093