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12011A new Siphonostomatoid copepod associated with the Ahermatypic coral Tubastraea Aurea from TaiwanCheng, Y.-R.; Dai, C.-F.; Chang, W.-B.; CHANG-FENG DAI Zoological Studies 33
22013A new species of pomacentrus (actinopterygii: Pomacentridae) from micronesia, with comments on its phylogenetic relationshipsLiu, S.-Y.V.; Ho, H.-C.H.; Dai, C.-F.; CHANG-FENG DAI Zoological Studies 1212
31999A Potent Sex Attractant of the Male Tea Tussock Moth, Euproctis Pseudoconspersa (Strand) (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) in Taiwan: Field and EAG ResponsesEN-CHENG YANG Zoological Studies 2
41998Age of Pacific tarpon, Megalops cyprinoides, at estuarine arrival and growth during metamorphosis.Tzeng, Wann-Nian; Wu, Chou-En; Wang; Yu-TzuZoological Studies 
51999Age, Reproduction, and Demography of the Spiny Rat (Muridae: Niviventer coxingi) in Subtropical Central TaiwanYu, Hon-Tsen ; Lin, Yao-SungZoological Studies 
62001Agrostaleyrodes arcanus, a new genus and species of whitefly (Homoptera: Aleryodidae) from TaiwanKo, Chiun-Cheng ; Chou, Liang-Yih; Wu, Wen-JerZoological studies 3
72001Agrostaleyrodes arcanus, a new genus and species of whitefly (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) from TaiwanCHIUN-CHENG KO Zoological Studies 3
82013An alternative kernel-based method for estimating copepod growth rates from multimodal biomass distributions in artificial cohort experimentsLin, K.-Y.; Sastri, A.R.; Hsieh, C.-H.; CHIH-HAO HSIEH Zoological Studies 21
92006Analyses of the Ribosomal Internal Transcribed Spacers (ITS) and the 5.8S Gene Indicate that Extremely High rDNA Heterogeneity is a Unique Feature in the Scleractinian Coral Genus Acropora (Scleractinia; Acroporidae)Wei, Nu-Wei Vivian; Wallace, Carden C.; Dai, Chang-Feng ; Kamla Ruby Moothien Pillay; Chen, Chaolun AllenZoological Studies 6964
101994Are Pregnant Females of the German Cockroach Too Heavy to Run李後晶 ; Lee, How-JenZoological Studies 
111994Are Pregnant Females of the German Cockroach Too Heavy to Run?How-Jing Lee; HOW-JING LEE Zoological Studies 
122003Assessing Avian Point-count Duration and Sample Size Using Species Accumulation FunctionsShiu, Hau-Jie; Lee, Pei-Fen Zoological Studies 
132007Asymmetrical Reproductive Isolation between Drosophila albomicans and D. nasutaChang, Hwei-yu; Tai, Yu-TaZoological Studies 
142007The Black disease" of reef-building corals at Green Island, Taiwan - Outbreak of a cyanobacteriosponge, Terpios Hoshinota (Suberitidae; Hadromerida)"Liao, MH; Tang, SL; Hsu, CM; Chen, CAZOOLOGICAL STUDIES 
152012The Blue Velvet Angelfish Centropyge deborae sp nov., a New Pomacanthid from the Fiji Islands, Based on Genetic and Morphological AnalysesShen, Kang-Ning; Ho, Hsuan-Ching; Chang, Chih-WeiZOOLOGICAL STUDIES 
161998Chromosomal inversion polymorphism in natural populations of Drosophila ruberrimaFang, Shu; Lin, Fei-Jann; Chang, Hwei-yuZoological Studies 
172003Colonization of Juveniles of the Damselfish Dascyllus reticulatus (Richardson) on the Southern Coast of TaiwanHsiao, C.-Y.; Chen, T.-C.; Dai, C.-F.; Jan, R.-Q.; CHANG-FENG DAI Zoological Studies 22
182000Community structure and functional organization of aquatic insect in an agricultural mountain stream of Taiwan: 1985-1986 and 1995-1996Yang, Ping-Shih; Shieh, Sen-HerZoological Studies 
191999A Comparative Study of Neuropeptide Y-Immunoreactivity in the Retina of Dolphin and Several Other Mammalian SpeciesChen, Shur-Tzu; Shen, Ching-Liang; Wang, Jiang-Ping; Chou, Lien-Siang Zoological Studies 
202010Comparison of Recapture Rates and Estimates of Fishing and Natural Mortality Rates of Japanese Eel Anguilla japonica between Different Origins and Marking Methods in a Mark-Recapture Experiment in the Kaoping River, Southern TaiwanLin, Yu-Jia; Chang, Su-Lean; Chang, Mei-Yu; Lin, Shih-Huan; Chen, Tzyy-Ing; Su, Mao-Sen; Su, Wei-Cheng; Tzeng, Wann-NianZoological Studies