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12014A comparison of two heavy rainfall events during the terrain-influenced monsoon rainfall experiment (TiMREX) 2008PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article2019
22003A new look at the binary interaction: Potential vorticity diagnosis of the unusual southward movement of tropical storm Bopha (2000) and its interaction with supertyphoon Saomai (2000)CHUN-CHIEH WU journal article60
32009A numerical investigation of the eyewall evolution in a landfalling typhoonWu, Chun-Chieh ; CHUN-CHIEH WU ; Cheng, Hsiu-Ju; Wang, Yuqing; Chou, Kun-Hsuanjournal article3129
42008A numerical study of the track deflection of supertyphoon Haitang (2005) prior to its landfall in TaiwanJian, Guo-Ji; CHUN-CHIEH WU ; Wu, Chun-Chieh journal article6156
52017A study on the influences of low-frequency vorticity on tropical cyclone formation in the western North PacificCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI ; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article11
62012A study on the synoptic-dynamical characteristics of compact tropical cyclones in the western north pacificCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article44
72011A subtropical oceanic mesoscale convective vortex observed during SoWMEX/TiMREXBEN JONG DAO JOU journal article1918
82002Airborne Doppler observations of a cold front in the vicinity of Vancouver IslandCHENG-KU YU journal article14
92000Airborne doppler observations of a landfalling cold front upstream of steep coastal orographyCHENG-KU YU journal article50
102011An analysis of tropical cyclone formations in the South China Sea during the late seasonCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article129
111999An observational study of environmental influences on the intensity changes of typhoons flo (1990) and gene (1990)CHUN-CHIEH WU journal article22
122009An Observing System Experiment for typhoon Conson (2004) using a singular vector method and DOTSTAR dataCHUN-CHIEH WU ; Yamaguchi, Munehiko; Iriguchi, Takeshi; Nakazawa, Tetsuo; Wu, Chun-Chieh journal article3030
132012An orography-associated extreme rainfall event during TiMREX: Initiation, storm evolution, and maintenanceBEN JONG DAO JOU journal article4745
142008Binary interaction between Typhoons Fengshen (2002) and Fungwong (2002) based on the potential vorticity diagnosisCHUN-CHIEH WU ; Yang, Chung-Chuan; Wu, Chun-Chieh ; Chou, Kun-Hsuan; Lee, Chia-Yingjournal article2120
151992Boundary effects in regional spectral modelsHUNG-CHI KUO journal article26
162014Characteristics of the RAW-filtered leapfrog time-stepping scheme in the ocean general circulation modelYU-HENG TSENG journal article44
172012Concentric eyewall formation in typhoon sinlaku (2008). part I: Assimilation of T-PARC data based on the ensemble kalman filter (enkf)CHUN-CHIEH WU journal article5354
182012Convection and rapid filamentation in typhoon sinlaku during TCS-08/T-PARCHUNG-CHI KUO journal article08
192014Distance Velocity-Azimuth Display (DVAD)-New interpretation and analysis of doppler velocityBEN JONG DAO JOU journal article22
202002Dominant cloud microphysical processes in a tropical oceanic convective system: A 2D cloud resolving modeling studyCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article79