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12009A New Approach to Constraining Quintessence Models by ObservationsPISIN CHEN journal article
22014An efficient quantum jump method for coherent energy transfer dynamics in photosynthetic systems under the influence of laser fieldsBIH-YAW JIN ; YUAN-CHUNG CHENG journal article2223
32006Coupled single electron transistors as a differential voltage amplifier. S. Wu, C. F. Lin, Watson Kuo,; C. D. Chenjournal article
42006Coupled single-electron transistors as a differential voltage amplifierCHING-FUH LIN journal article33
52011Dynamics of a driven spin coupled to an antiferromagnetic spin bathHSI-SHENG GOAN journal article55
62011Electron-electron interaction in high-quality epitaxial graphemeCHI-TE LIANG journal article77
72013High spin polarization of the anomalous hall current in co-based Heusler compoundsGUANG-YU GUO journal article3230
82006High-resolution XANES study of Eu(Ba1-xRx)(2)Cu3O7+delta (R = Eu, Pr)RU-SHI LIU journal article33
92007Influence of an external magnetic field on the decoherence of a central spin coupled to an antiferromagnetic environmentHSI-SHENG GOAN journal article1212
102008Nanomechanical-resonator-assisted induced transparency in a Cooper-pair box systemHSI-SHENG GOAN journal article1413
112009A new approach to testing dark energy models by observationsGu, J. A.; Chen, C. W.; Chen, P. S.; Chen, C. W.75
122012Quantum magneto-electrodynamics of electrons embedded in a photon cavityHSI-SHENG GOAN journal article1919
132006Spin-detection in a quantum electromechanical shuttle systemHSI-SHENG GOAN journal article1917
142007Structural, electronic and magnetic properties of ErFeMn and ErFeMnH4.7 compoundsRU-SHI LIU journal article55
152009Surface exciton polariton in monoclinic HfO2: an electron energy-loss spectroscopy studyMINGHWEI HONG journal article88
162018Surface termination dependent quasiparticle scattering interference and magneto-transport study on ZrSiSSu C.-C.; Li C.-S.; Wang T.-C.; Guan S.-Y.; Sankar R.; Chou F.; Chang C.-S.; Lee W.-L.; Guo G.-Y. ; Chuang T.-M.Journal Article56
172015Weakly-correlated nodeless superconductivity in single crystals of Ca3Ir4Sn13 and Sr3Ir4Sn13 revealed by critical fields, Hall effect, and magnetoresistance measurementsLI-MIN WANG journal article1515