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12015A strategy for generating a broad-spectrum monoclonal antibody and soluble single-chain variable fragments against plant potyvirusesLiu, H.-L.; Lin, W.-F.; Hu, W.-C.; Lee, Y.-A.; Chang, Y.-C.; YA-CHUN CHANG Applied and Environmental Microbiology 46
22014Anoxic androgen degradation by the denitrifying bacterium Sterolibacterium denitrificans via the 2,3-seco pathwayWang, P.-H.; Yu, C.-P.; Lee, T.-H.; Lin, C.-W.; Ismail, W.; Wey, S.-P.; Kuo, A.T.; Chiang, Y.-R.; TZONG-HUEI LEE Applied and Environmental Microbiology 1627
32009At least two origins of fungicide resistance in grapevine downy mildew populationsChen, W.J.; Delmotte, F.; Richard-Cervera, S.; Douence, L.; Greif, C.; Corio-Costet, M.F.Applied and Environmental Microbiology 89104
42007At least two origins of fungicide resistance in grapevine downy mildew PopulationsChen, Wei-Jen; Delmotte, Francois; Richard-Cervera, Sylvie; Douence, Lisette; Greif, Charles; Corio-Costet, Marie-France; WEI-JEN CHEN Applied and Environmental Microbiology 89104
52014Bioconversion of pinoresinol into matairesinol by use of recombinant Escherichia coliKuo, H.-J.; Wei, Z.-Y.; Lu, P.-C.; Huang, P.-L.; Lee, K.-T.; KUNG-TA LEE Applied and Environmental Microbiology 56
62009Comparative Genome-Wide Transcriptional Profiling of Azorhizobium caulinodans ORS571 Grown under Free-Living and Symbiotic ConditionsTsukada, Shuhei; Aono, Toshihiro; Akiba, Noriko; Lee, Kyung-Bum; Liu, Chi-Te ; Toyazaki, Hiroki; Oyaizu, HiroshiApplied and Environmental Microbiology 2932
72005Desulfotomaculum and Methanobacterium spp. dominate a 4- to 5-kilometer-deep faultMoser, D.P.; LI-HUNG LINet al. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 113128
82011Differing growth responses of major phylogenetic groups of marine bacteria to natural phytoplankton blooms in the Western North Pacific OceanTAKESHI MIKI Applied and Environmental Microbiology 6786
92012Differing growth Responses of major phylogenetic groups of marine bacteria to natural phytoplankton blooms in the western North Pacific Ocean.Tada, Yuya; Taiguchi, Akito; Nagao, Ippei; Miki, T.; Uematsu, Mitsuo; Tsuda, Atsushi; Hamasaki, KojiApplied and Environmental Microbiology 6786
102006Diverse AvrPtoB homologs from several Pseudomonas syringae pathovars elicit Pto-dependent resistance and have similar virulence activitiesLin, N.-C.; Abramovitch, R.B.; Kim, Y.J.; Martin, G.B.; NAI-CHUN LIN Applied and Environmental Microbiology 5656
112008Drosophila melanogaster mounts a unique immune response to the rhabdovirus Sigma virusCHI-WEI TSAI Applied and Environmental Microbiology 4748
122008Drosophila melanogaster mounts a unique immune response to the rhabdovirus Sigma virusTsai, C.W.; McGraw, E.A.; Ammar, E.-D.; Dietzgen, R.G.; Hogenhout, S.A.Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2048
132010Effects of Dimer Formation Efficiency on the Potency and Thermostability in Ganoderma Fungal Immunomodulatory ProteinsHsu, Min-Feng; Lin, Chian-Wan; Wu, Ming-Yueh; Huang, Ching-Shin; Fu, Hsu-Yuan; Hseu, Ruey-Shyang; Wang, Andrew H-J; Huang, Ching-Tsan ; Yang, Chii-Shen Applied and Environmental Microbiology 
141988Effects of Temperature and Relative Humidity on the Growth of and Enzyme Production by Actinomucor taiwanensis during Sufu Pehtze PreparationChou, Cheng-Chun; Ho, Frank-Ming; Tsai, Chin-ShiowApplied and Environmental Microbiology 
152018Estrogen degraders and estrogen degradation pathway identified in an activated sludgeChen, Y.-L.; Fu, H.-Y.; Lee, T.-H.; Shih, C.-J.; Huang, L.; Wang, Y.-S.; Ismail, W.; Chiang, Y.-R.; TZONG-HUEI LEE Applied and Environmental Microbiology 1634
162005Expression of rumen microbial fibrolytic enzyme genes in probiotic Lactobacillus reuteriLiu, J.-R.; Yu, B.; Liu, F.-H.; Cheng, K.-J.; Zhao, X.; JE-RUEI LIU Applied and Environmental Microbiology 4341
172008Genetic structure and biology of Xylella fastidiosa strains causing disease in citrus and coffee in BrazilCHI-WEI TSAI Applied and Environmental Microbiology 7081
181981Impairment of Phagocytosis by Heterophils from Chicken During Ochratoxicosis張照夫; Hamilton, P. B.; Chang, Chao-Fu; Hamilton, P. B.Applied and Environmental Microbiology 
192011Involvement of the Azorhizobial Chromosome Partition Gene (parA) in the Onset of Bacteroid Differentiation during Sesbania rostrata Stem Nodule DevelopmentLiu, Chi-Te ; Lee, Kyung-Bum; Wang, Yu-Sheng; Peng, Min-Hua; Lee, Kung-Ta ; Suzuki, Shino; Suzuki, Tadahiro; Oyaizu, HiroshiApplied and Environmental Microbiology 57
201985Isolation, chemical structure, acute toxicity, and some physicochemical properties of territrem B' from Aspergillus terreusFU-CHUO PENG Applied and Environmental Microbiology