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119971945-1949年國民政府對臺灣的經濟政策吳聰敏 journal article
22000The Adoption and Diffusion on Automation Technology--An Empirical Study of Taiwan's Manufacturing FirmsLin, H.L.; Chen, J.C.; 林惠玲 ; 陳正倉journal article
31999Advanced Technologies and Wage Premiums: Evidence from the Taiwan Electronics Industry鄒孟文; 劉錦添 ; Tsou, M.W.; Liu, J.T. journal article; journal article
41999An Analysis of the "Early Plantation Premium": A Study of Sugarcane Contracts in the Japanese Colonial Era古慧雯 ; HUI-WEN KOO journal article; journal article
52008Antidumping Policy, Price-undertaking and FDIPeng, Cheng-hau; Hwang, Hong ; 彭正浩;黃鴻 journal article00
62008Beauty Premiums in Politics-The Case of the 2004 Legislator Elections in TaiwanLi, C.D.; Luoh, M.C. ; 李承達; 駱明慶 journal article00
72002The Cause of the Asian Crisis: Fundamentals of Contagion?Chen, N.K.; Chang, K.L.; 陳南光 ; 張光亮journal article
82000Change in Taiwanese Height and Economic Welfare, 1854-1910Olds, Kelly Barton ; 魏凱立 journal article
91997Concentration and Its Changes in Taiwan Industries陳正倉; 林惠玲 journal article
101997The Cost Structure and Productivity of the SME Banks in Taiwan鄭秀玲 ; 陳欽奇; 劉錦添 journal article; journal article
112011Crime Statistics in Japanese Colonial Taiwan古慧雯 journal article; journal article00
122010Currency and Debit Cards as Means of Payment楊謹如; 李怡庭 journal article00
132016Does the Central Bank of Taiwan Intervene in the Foreign Exchange Market Asymmetrically?陳旭昇 journal article00
142012DSGE Models and Policy Making: A Critical Review陳旭昇 ; 湯茹茵journal article00
151998Duty Rebate and Technology Upgrading劉碧珍 ; 翁永和journal article
162008The Economic Benefit of Railway and Harbor Construction in the Early Japanese PeriodWu, T.M. ; Lu, C.H.; 吳聰敏 ; 盧佳慧journal article00
171985The Effect of Deposit Rate Ceilings on the Price Level Under Pure Competition in the Production of MoneyMai, Chao-Chengjournal article
182011The Effect of Information Disclosure on Product Demand:Evidence from Yahoo! Auctions Taiwan黃景沂 ; 蘇民傑journal article00
192012The Effect of Three--Seven--Five Rent Reduction on the Management Efficiency of Taiwan's Rice FarmsYeh, Shu-jen ; 葉淑貞 journal article00
202001The Empirical Study of Religious Activities in TaiwanLiu, J.T. ; 劉錦添 journal article