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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12001Dynamic response of soft poroelastic bed to linear water waves — boundary layer correction approachHsieh, P.C.; Huang, L.H.; Wang, T.W.International Journal for 
22011Exploring quality of life perceptions in rural midwestern (USA) communities: An application of the core-periphery concept in a tourism development contextChancellor, C.; Yu, C.-P.S.; Cole, S.T.; CHIA-PIN YU International Journal of Tourism Research 2131
32001The formation of dunes, antidunes, and rapidly damping waves in alluvial channelsHuang, L.H.; Chiang, Y.L.International Journal for 34
42000Internal Symmetry in the Constitutive Model of Perfect ElastoplasticityHong, Hong-Ki ; Liu, Chein-ShanInternational Journal of 4949
52001Lorentz Group on Minkowski Spacetime for Construction of the Two Basic Principles of PlasticityHong, Hong-Ki ; Liu, Chein-ShanInternational Journal of 1917
62005Numerical Solution of Three-dimensional Velocity-vorticity Navier-Stokes Equations by Finite Difference MethodLo, D.C.; Murugesan, K.; Young, D.L.International Journal for 
72004A re-investigation of the low Reynolds number uniform flow past a porous spherical shellHsu, H.J.; Huang, L.H.; Hsieh, P.C.International Journal for 77
82000Reanalysis-based Optimal Design of TrussesLeu, L.-J.; Huang, C.-W.International Journal for 22
92001Some Physical Models with Minkowski Spacetime Structure and Lorentz Group SymmetryHong, Hong-Ki ; Liu, Chein-ShanInternational Journal of 1010
102012Taiwanese Cruise Tourist Behavior during Different Phases of ExperienceJuan, P.-J.; Chen, H.-M.; HUI-MEI CHEN International Journal of Tourism Research 3135
112010Taiwan’s International Tourism: A Time Series Analysis with Calendar Effects and Joint Outlier AdjustmentsInternational Journal of Tourism Research 
122002Transient deformation of a poroelastic channel bedHsieh, P.C.; Hsih, W. P.; Huang, L.H.International Journal for 10