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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12009Bank credit risk and structural credit models: Agency and information asymmetry perspectivesLiao, Hsien-Hsing; Tsung-Kang Chen; Chia-Wu Lu; HSIEN-HSING LIAO Journal of Banking and Finance 3430
22008Bounds and Prices of Currency Cross-Rate OptionsChung, San-Lin ; Wang, Yaw-Huei Journal of Banking and Finance 77
32009Causality in quantiles and dynamic stock return-volume relationsKuan, Chung-Ming; Chuang, Chia-Chang; Lin, Hsin-Yi; Kuan, Chung-Ming ; Lin, Hsin-Yi Journal of Banking and Finance 132142
42012Funding Liquidity and Equity Liquidity in the Subprime Crisis Period: Evidence from the ETF MarketJunmao Chiu; Huimin Chung; Keng-Yu Ho; George H.K. Wang; KENG-YU HO Journal of Banking and Finance 714
52010Information uncertainty, information asymmetry and corporate bond yield spreadsLu, Chia-Wu; Tsung-kang Chen; Hsien-hsing Liao; HSIEN-HSING LIAO Journal of Banking and Finance 7480
62011Internal liquidity risk in corporate bond yield spreadsChen, Tsung-kang; Hsien-hsing Liao; Pei-Ling Tsai; HSIEN-HSING LIAO Journal of Banking and Finance 3135
72000Investment Opportunities, Free Cash Flow and Market Reaction to International Joint VenturesChen, Sheng-Syan ; Ho,Kim Wai; Lee, Cheng-Few; Yeo, Gillian H. H.Journal of Banking and Finance 
82013IPO Underwriting and Subsequent LendingHsuan-Chi Chen; Keng-Yu Ho; Pei-Shih Weng; KENG-YU HO Journal of Banking and Finance 34
92011Labor unions, bargaining power and corporate bond yield spreads: Structural credit model perspectivesChen, Tsung-kang; Yan-Shing Chen; Hsien-hsing Liao; HSIEN-HSING LIAO Journal of Banking and Finance 2021
102009Predicting the bear stock market: Macroeconomic variables as leading indicatorsSHIU-SHENG CHEN Journal of Banking and Finance 120131
112012Rational expectations, changing monetary policy rules, and real exchange rate dynamicsChen, Shiu-Sheng ; Chou, Yu-Hsi; SHIU-SHENG CHEN Journal of Banking and Finance 21
122012Revisiting the empirical linkages between stock returns and trading volumeSHIU-SHENG CHEN Journal of Banking and Finance 4967
132014Riskiness-Minimizing Spot-Futures Hedge RatioYi-Ting Chen; Keng-Yu Ho; Larry Y. Tzeng; KENG-YU HO Journal of Banking and Finance 913
142013Suppliers’ and Customers’ Information Asymmetry and Corporate Bond Yield SpreadsChen, Tsung-Kang; Hsien-Hsing Liao; Hui-Ju Kuo; Yu-Ling Hsieh; HSIEN-HSING LIAO Journal of Banking and Finance 1210
152014The Economic Consequences of Regulatory Changes in Employee Stock Options on Corporate Bond Holders: SFAS No.123R and Structural Credit Model PerspectivesChen, Tsung-Kang; Hsien-Hsing Liao; Cheng-Ming Chi; HSIEN-HSING LIAO Journal of Banking and Finance 66
162007Weather and Intraday Patterns in Stock Returns and Trading ActivityChang, Shao-Chi; Chen, Sheng-Syan ; Chou, Robin K.; Lin, Yueh-HsiangJournal of Banking and Finance 
172004Why Firms Use Convertibles: A Further Test of the Sequential-Financing HypothesisChang, Shao-Chi; Chen, Sheng-Syan; Liu, Yichen; SHENG-SYAN CHEN Journal of Banking and Finance 2927