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12013A numerical investigation on the ground effect of a flapping-flying birdCHING-HUA WANG Physics of Fluids 1921
22004Air-damping effects on developing velocity profiles in flowing soap filmsHuang M.-J. ; Wen C.-Y.; Lee I.-C.; Tsai C.-H.Physics of Fluids 1010
32008Characteristics of cylindrical flame acceleration in outward expansionFursenko, R. V.; Pan, K. L.; Pan, K.-L.; Fursenko, R.; Fursenko, R. V.; KUO-LONG PAN ; Pan, K. L.Physics of Fluids 2824
42006Deformation and breakup of a stretching liquid bridge covered with an insoluble surfactant monolayerLiao, Y.-C.; Franses, E.I.; Basaran, O.A.; YING-CHIH LIAO Physics of Fluids 5360
52013Dry granular avalanche down a flume: Choice of discrete element simulation parametersYang F.-L.; Chang W.T.; Huang Y.T.; Hsieh S.H. ; Chen C.S.Physics of Fluids 54
62009Extracting Energetically Dominant Features in a Complicated Fish Wake using Singular Value DecompositionYang, J. T.; Ting, S. C.Physics of Fluids 
72012Flow and mixing characteristics of an elevated pulsating transverse jetHuang, Rong F.; Hsu, Ching M.Physics of Fluids 1316
82008Flow-induced melting of condensed domains within a dispersed Langmuir filmDavoust, L.; Huang, Y. L.; Chang, S. H.Physics of Fluids 78
92010A formula for the wall-amplified added mass coefficient for a solid sphere in normal approach to a wall and its application for such motion at low Reynolds numberYang, F.-L.; YangFL Physics of Fluids 1312
102009Linear instability of compound jets with nonaxisymmetric disturbancesRuo, An-Cheng; Chen, Falin ; Chang, Min-HsingPhysics of Fluids 1313
112001Mixing and available potential energy in stratified flowsYU-HENG TSENG Physics of Fluids 5153
122009Note on "Dynamics of inertia dominated binary drop collisions" [Phys. Fluids 16, 3438 (2004)]Pan, K.-L.; Roisman, I.V.; KUO-LONG PAN Physics of Fluids 79
132002Numerical studies of a three-dimensional flow in suddenly contracted channelsChiang, T. P.; Sheu, Tony W. H.; Hwang, Robert R.Physics of Fluids 44
142008On the Nonaxisymmetric Instability of Round Liquid JetsRuo, An-Cheng; Chang, Min-Hsing; Chen, Falin Physics of Fluids 1918
151995Particle interactions in diffusiophoresis in nonelectrolyte gradientsKeh, H.J.; Luo, S.C.; HUAN-JANG KEH Physics of Fluids 1013
162005The physical mechanism of symmetric vortex merger: A new viewpointHuang M.-J. Physics of Fluids 2425
171994Power-law decay of homogeneous turbulence at low Reynolds numberHuang M.-J. ; Leonard A.Physics of Fluids 4445
182011Resonant phenomenon of elliptical cylinder flows in a subcritical regimeChen, Shih-Sheng; Yen, Ruey-HorPhysics of Fluids 21
192006Slipping Stokes flow around a slightly deformed sphereSenchenko, S.; Keh, H.J.; HUAN-JANG KEH Physics of Fluids 2322
202010Stability analysis of unbounded uniform dense granular shear flow based on a viscoplastic constitutive lawChen, Wen-Yau; Lai, Jeng-You; Young, D.L.Physics of Fluids 33