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120025-Aminosalicyclic acid permeability enhancement by a pH-sensitive EVAL membraneShieh, Ming-Jium; Lai, Ping-Shan; Young, Tai-Horng
22008Characterization, transport and sorption properties of poly(thiol ester amide) thin-film composite pervaporation membranesHuang, Shu-Hsien; Lin, Wei-Li; Liaw, Der-Jang; Li, Chi-Lan; Kao, Se-Tsung; Wang, Da-Ming ; Lee, Kueir-Rarn; Lai, Juin-Yihjournal article2121
32002Crossflow microfiltration of mono-dispersed deformable particle suspensionLu, Wei-Ming; Tung, Kuo-Lun ; Pan, Chun-Hsi; Hwang, Kuo-Jenjournal article300
42000The effect of acetic acid on the structure and filtration properties of poly(vinyl alcohol) membranesChuang, Wen-Yuan; Young, Tai-Horng ; Chiu, Wen-Yen journal article3531
52000Effect of solvent evaporation on the formation of asymmetric and symmetric membranes with crystallizable EVAL polymerYoung, Tai-Horng ; Huang, Yao-Huei; Chen, Li-Yen
61998The effect of the second phase inversion on microstructures in phase inversion EVAL membranesYoung, Tai-Horng ; Wang, Da-Ming ; Hsieh, Chih-Chen ; Chen, Leo-Wangjournal article2421
71998Effects of Precipitation Conditions on the Membrane Morphology and Permeation CharacteristicsLIN, DONG-TSAMN ; CHENG, LIAO-PING; KANG, YU-JUNG; CHEN, LEO-WANG; YOUNG, TAI-HORNG
81998Effects of precipitation conditions on the membrane morphology and permeation characteristicsLin, Dong-Tsamn; Cheng, Liao-Ping; Kang, Yu-Jung; Chen, Leo-Wang; Young, Tai-Horng 
91997Equilibrium phase behavior of the membrane forming water-DMSO-EVAL copolymer systemYoung, Tai-Horng ; Lai, Juin-Yih; You, Wei-Ming; Cheng, Liao-Ping
101999Expression for the transport of ions through a spherical ion-exchange membraneHsu, Jyh-Ping ; Jiang, Ji-Mingjournal article44
112001Factors affecting the nodule size of asymmetric PMMA membranesRuaan, Ruoh-Chyu; Chou, Hsuan-Liang; Tsai, Hui-An; Wang, Da-Ming ; Lai, Juin-Yihjournal article2019
121998Formation and characteristics of zirconium ultrafiltration dynamic membranes of various pore sizesChen, C.C.; Chiang, B.H.journal article2321
132008Formation and evolution of a bicontinuous structure of PMMA membrane during wet immersion processKuo, Chun-Yin; Su, Shiun-Lian; Tsai, Hui-An; Su, Yu-Shen; Wang, Da-Ming ; Lai, Juin-Yihjournal article1211
142000The formation mechanism of EVAL membranes prepared with or without the nonsolvent absorption processYoung, Tai-Horng ; Huang, Yao-Huei; Huang, Yen-Shih
151999The formation mechanism of membranes prepared from the crystalline EVAL polymer–water (nonsolvent)–2-propanol (nonsolvent) systemYoung, Tai-Horng ; Hsieh, Chih-Chen ; Chen, Li-Yen; Huang, Yen-Shih
161998Formation of crystalline EVAL membranes by controlled mass transfer process in water–DMSO–EVAL copolymer systemsCheng, Liao-Ping; Young, Tai-Horng ; You, Wei-Ming
171992High-Temperature Separation of Binary Gas Mixtures Using Microporous Ceramic MembrancsFlowers, D.; Liu, P. K. T.; 吳紀聖 ; Flowers, D.; Liu, P. K. T.; Wu, Jeffrey Chi-Sheng journal article
182004Immobilization of heparin on PVDF membranes with microporous structuresLin, Dar-Jong; Lin, Dong-Tsamn; Young, Tai-Horng ; Huang, Fang-Ming; Chen, Ching-Chung; Cheng, Liao-Ping
192000An improved synthesis of ultrafiltration zirconia membranes via the sol–gel route using alkoxide precursorWu, Jeffrey Chi-Sheng ; Cheng, Li-Chuenjournal article
202009Interplay of mass transfer, phase separation, and membrane morphology in vapor-induced phase separationSu, YS; Kuo, CY; Wang, DM; Lai, JY; Deratani, A; Pochat, C; Bouyer, Djournal article5153