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11993Dynamic Response of Regenerator in a Cyclic-Flow System黃秉鈞 ; Lu, C. W.; Huang, Bin-Juine Cryogenics 
21996Effect of Oversize in Wire-Screen Matrix to the Matrix-Holding Tube on the Regenerator Thermal PerformanceChen, P. H.; Chen, Ping-Hei; Chang, Z.C.; Chang, Z.-C.; Hwang, B-J.; Hwang, B.J.J. of Cryogenics 
31998Flow Channeling Effect on the Regenerators Thermal PerformanceChang, Z. C.; Chen, P. H.Cryogenics 
41998Fuzzy control on the phase and stroke of a linear compressor of a split-Stirling cryocoolerYang, Y.P.; Huang, B.J.; YangYP ; HuangBJ Cryogenics 
51995Linear network analysis of regenerator in a cyclic-flow systemHuang, B.J.; Lu, C.W.; HuangBJ Cryogenics 
61994Linear network analysis of split-type Stirling refrigeratorHuang, B.J.; Lu, C.W.; HuangBJ Cryogenics 
71996New techniques for the non-contact measurement of displacer motion of a miniature split-Stirling cryocoolerYang, Y.P.; Huang, B.J.; Chen, F.M.; Chien, S.B.; Shieh, T.F.; YangYP ; HuangBJ Cryogenics 
81993Performance characteristics of pulse-tube refrigeratorHuang, B.J.; Tzeng, T.M.; HuangBJ Cryogenics 
92003A pulse-tube refrigerator using variable-resistance orificeHuang, B.J.; Sun, B.W.; HuangBJ Cryogenics 
101996Split-type free-displacer Stirling refrigerator design using linear network analysisHuang, B.J.; Lu, C.W.; HuangBJ Cryogenics 
111996System design of orifice pulse-tube refrigerator using linear flow network analysisHuang, B.J.; Chuang, M.D.; HuangBJ Cryogenics 
121996A System Dynamics Model of Split-Type Stirling RefrigeratorHuang, B. J.; Yang, Yee-Pien ; Chen, F. M.; Chien, S. B.; Shieh, T. F.; HuangBJ ; YangYeePien Cryogenics 00
131995System performance analysis of Gifford-McMahon coolerHuang, B.J.; Chang, S.C.; HuangBJ Cryogenics