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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
11997Analysis of effluent charge for wastewater treatment plants in industrial districtsLo, Shang-Lien ; Chen, Li-RuWater Science and Technology 
22009Biodegradation of haloacetic acids in water treatment processesGEN-SHUH WANG ; Wang, G.; Lai, S.; Huang, Y.Water Science and Technology: Water Supply 30
31997Characteristics and adsorption properties of iron-coated sandLo, Shang-Lien ; Jeng, Hung-Te; Lai, Chin-HsingWater Science and Technology 
41997Comparison of chemical and thermal regeneration of aromatic compounds on exhausted activated carbonChiang, P.C.; Chang, E.E.; Wu, J.S.Water Science and Technology 
51997Economic analysis of waste minimization for electroplating plantsLo, Shang-Lien ; Tsao, Ya-ChiWater Science and Technology 
61994Effects of Hydraulic and Medium Characteristics on Solute Transfer to Surface RunoffLai, J. L.; 駱尚廉 ; 林正芳; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Lin, Cheng-FangWater Science and Technology 
71994Effects of NTA on the Fate of Heavy Metals in Sediments駱尚廉 ; Huang, L. J.; Lo, Shang-Lien Water Science and Technology 
81994Evaluation an Iron-Coated Sand for Removing Copper form Water林正芳 ; Lai, C. H.; 駱尚廉 ; Lin, Cheng-Fang ; Lai, C. H.Water Science and Technology 
92006Factors affecting bromate removal capacity of zerovalent iron packed columnsFan, C.; Chan, C.H.; Xie, L.; Shang, C.; CHIHHAO FAN Water Science and Technology: Water Supply 50
102006Fuzzy Model Identification and Control System Design for Coagulation Chemical Dosing of Potable WaterCHEN CHENG-LIANG ; Hou, P.L.Water Science and Technology: Water Supply 120
111996The Impact of Eutrophication on Reserviors Water QualityLiu, C.J.; Tseng, S.K.Water Supply 
122006Microbial Community Structure in a Drinking Water GAC FilterTung, H.; Regan, J. M.; Unz, R. F.; Xie, Y. F.Water Science and Technology: Water Supply 
131999Monitoring DBP Precursors in Water with Scanning SpectrophotometerWang, Gen-ShuhWater supply 
141986A New Regeneration Technique for Mixed-Bed Ion Exchangers蔣本基 ; Etzel, J. E.; Chiang, Pen-Chi ; Etzel, J. E.Water Supply 
152004A pilot plant study using ceramic membrane microfiltration, carbon adsorption and reverse osmosis to treat CMP (chemical mechanical polishing) wastewaterLo, R.; Lo, S. L.Water Science and Technology: Water Supply 
162003Pollutant sources investigation and remedial strategies development for the Kaoping River Basin, TaiwanKao, C.M.; Wu, F.C.; Chen, K.F.; Lin, T.F.; Yen, Y.E.; Chiang, P.C.Water Science and Technology 
171998Predicting solute transfer to surface runoff using neural networksLu, Ruei-Shan; Lai, Jiun-Liang; Lo, Shang-Lien Water Science and Technology 
181999Recycling of separated pig manure: characterization of maturity and chemical fractionation of elements during compostingHsu, J. -H.; Lo, S. -L.Water Science and Technology 
191989Removal of Trace Organic Pollutants from Water by Coagulation曾四恭; 吳先琪; C. H. L; Tseng, Szu-Kung; Wu, Shian-CheeWater Supply 
202006The Roles of Bromide and Precursor Structures on DBP Formation and Species DistributionWang, G.S.; Huang, P.L.Water Science and Technology: Water Supply