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12006ArF-line high transmittance attenuated phase shift mask blanks using amorphous Al2O3-ZrO2-SiO2 composite thin films for the 65-, 45- and 32-nm technology nodesLai, Fu-Der; Hua, Jui-Ming; Huang, Chiyuan; Ko, Fu-Hsiang; LON A. WANG ; Lin, C. H.; Chang, C. M.; Lee, Sengchi; Chern, Gia WeiThin Solid Films 1
22006Band gap blue shift of InGaAs/InP multiple quantum wells by different dielectric film coating and annealingZhao, J.; Chen, J.; Feng, Z.C.; Chen, J.L.; Liu, R.; Xu, G.Thin Solid Films 
32006Control and improvement of crystalline cracking from GaN thin films grown on Si by metalorganic chemical vapor depositionYu, J.W.; Lin, H.C.; Feng, Z.C.; Wang, L.S.; Tripathy, S.; Chua, S.J.Thin Solid Films 
42007Enhancement of 1.5 μm emission in erbium-doped spin-on glass by furnace annealingHui, Yuen Yung; Shih, Ping-Hung; Sun, Kuo-Jui; Lin, Ching-Fuh Thin Solid Films 
52002Fabrication and characterization of aluminum oxide/chromium oxide superlattice for attenuated phase-shifting mask working at 193 nm wavelengthLai, F. D.; LON A. WANG Thin Solid Films 11
62008Metal organic chemical vapor deposition and investigation of ZnO thin films grown on sapphireSun, S.; Sun, S.; Tompa, G.S.; Tompa, G.S.; Rice, C.; Sun, X.W.; Sun, X.W.; Lee, Z.S.; Lien, S.C.; Huang, C.W.; Huang, C.W.; Cheng, L.C.; Feng, Z.C.Thin Solid Films 
72006Optical and structural properties of InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well structure grown by metalorganic chemical vapor depositionChen, Jeng-Hung; Feng, Zhe-Chuan; Tsai, Hung-Ling; Yang, Jer-Ren ; Li, P.; Wetzel, C.; Detchprohm, T.; Nelson, J.Thin Solid Films 
82006Optical and transport properties of InSb thin films grown on GaAs by metalorganic chemical vapor depositionYang, Tzuen-Rong; Cheng, Yukun; Wang, Jyun-Bi; Feng, Zhe ChuanThin Solid Films 
92008Optical investigation of GaSb thin films grown on GaAs by metalorganic magnetron sputteringFeng, Z.C.; Hou, F.C.; Webb, J.B.; Shen, Z.X.; Rusli, E.; Ferguson, I.T.; Lu, W.Thin Solid Films 
102006Photoluminescence characteristics of low indium composition InGaN thin films grown on sapphire by metalorganic chemical vapor depositionFeng, Z.C.; Liu, W.; Chua, S.J.; Yu, J.W.; Yang, C.C.; Yang, T.R.; Zhao, J.Thin Solid Films 
111997Si-containing crystalline carbon nitride derived from microwave plasma-enhanced chemical vapor depositionChen, L.C.; Bhusari, D.M.; Yang, C.Y.; Chen, K.H.; Chuang, T.J.; Lin, M.C.; Chen, C.K.; Huang, Y.F.Thin Solid Films 
122008Structural and Optical Studies on Ion-implanted 6H–SiC Thin FilmsFeng, Z.C.; Lien, S.C.; Zhao, J.H.; Sun, X.W.; Lu, W.Thin Solid Films 
132006Surface and optical properties of AlGaInP films grown on GaAs by metalorganic chemical vapor depositionFeng, Z.C.; Lin, H.C.; Zhao, J.; Yang, T.R.; Ferguson, I.Thin Solid Films 
142006δ-Doped MOS Ge/Si quantum dot/well infrared photodetectorLin, C.-H.; Yu, C.-Y.; Kuo, P.-S.; Chang, C.-C.; Guo, T.-H.; Liu, C.W.Thin Solid Films