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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12013A KE-LSA approach for user-centered designSmith, S.; Smith, G.C.; Chen, Y.-R.; SHANA SMITH Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 85
21992A Rule-Based System for Robot Scheduling in FMCHOUN-GEE CHEN; HOUN-GEE CHEN Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 33
31992Automated guided vehicle systems and their Petri-Net PropertiesHsieh, S.; Shih, Y.-J.Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 
42000Demand and cost forecast error sensitivity analyses in aggregate production planning by possibilistic linear programming modelsHsieh, S.; Wu, M.-S.Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 
52013Editorial: Advances in mass customizationSmith, S.; Jiao, R.; Chu, C.-H.; SHANA SMITH Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 88
62004Feasibility study of modular plant for 300 mm-IC fabricationsHsieh, S.; Hung, C.-R.Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 
72004Feasibility study of modular-based 300 mm IC fabrication facilitiesHsieh, S.; Hung, C.-R.Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 
82008Imputing manufacturing material in data miningYeh, Ruey-Ling; Liu, Ching; Shia, Ben-Chang; Cheng, Yu-Ting; Huwang, Ya-FangJournal of Intelligent Manufacturing 52
92013Mass customization in the product life cycleSHANA SMITH Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 3628
102013Multi-objective design and tolerance allocation for single- and multi-level systemsHung, T.-C.; Chan, K.-Y. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 1715
112013Uncertainty quantifications of Pareto optima in multiobjective problemsHung, T.-C.; Chan, K.-Y. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 1110
122001A Virtual Factory Based Approach to On-line Simulation and Scheduling for an FMS and a Case StudyLin, Ming-Hung; Fu, Li-Chen Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing