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11993Alcalase Catalyzed Peptide Bond Formation between Asp and D-Ala in Anhydrous t-ButanalChen, S. T.; Chen, H. J.; Wang, Kung-Tsung; Chen, S. T.; Chen, H. J.; Yu, H. M.; ������journal article
21992Alcalase catalyzed peptide bond formation between Asp and D-Ala in anhydrous t-butanolChen, Shui-Tein; Wu, Sung-Yang; Chen, Shiah-Yun; Wang, Kung-Tsung
32005Analysis of Organ-specific, Expressed Genes in Oncidium Orchid by Subtractive Expressed Sequence Tags LibraryTan, Jun; Wang, Heng-Long; Yeh, Kai-Wun2826
42012Application of PVA-derived porous media to accelerate biodegradation (composting) of organic solid substratesCHAO-YING CHEN journal article55
52004Biosurfactant Production by Serratia Marcescens Ss-1 and Its Isogenic Strain Sm Delta R Defective in Spnr, a Quorum-Sensing Luxr Family ProteinWEI, YU-HONG; LAI, HSIN-CHIH; CHEN, SHAN-YU; YEH, MAO-SONG; CHANG, JO-SHU
62003A cDNA encoding vacuolar type β-d-fructofuranosidase (Osβfruct3) of rice and its expression in Pichia pastorisFu, Ru-Huei; Wang, Ai-Yu ; Wang, Yu-Chi; Sung, Hsien-Yi
72008Characterization and promoter activity of chromoplast specific carotenoid associated gene (CHRC) from Oncidium Gower RamseyChiou, Chung-Yi; Wu, Keqiang ; Yeh, Kai-Wun2322
81993Double Enantioselective Esterification of Racemic Acids and Alcohols by Li pase from Candida CylindraceaChen, P. Y.; Wu, S. H; 王光燦; Wu, S. H; Wang, Kung-Tsungjournal article
91993Double Enantioselective Esterification of Racemic Acids and Alcohols by Lipase from Candida CylindraceaChen, P. Y.; 吳世雄; Wang, K. T.; Wu, Shih-Hsiung
101993Double enantioselective esterification of racemic acids and alcohols by lipase from Candida cylindraceaChen, Pei-Yeh; Wu, Shih-Hsiung; Wang, Kung-Tsung
111995Effects of acyl groups and ethanol ratios on lipase-catalyzed regioselective deacylation in peracylated methyl glycopyranosidesHsiao, Kwo-Feng; Yang, Fang-Lin; Wu, Shih-Hsiung; Wang, Kung-Tsung98
121994Effects of inducer levels on a recombinant bacterial biofilm formation and gene expressionCHING-TSAN HUANG journal article58
131992Enantioselective Hydrolysis of Hydrophobic Amino Acid Derivatives by LipasesChiou, A. J.; 吳世雄; Wang, K. T.; Chiou, A. J.; Wu, Shih-Hsiung; Wang, K. T.
141992Enantioselective hydrolysis of hydrophobic amino acid derivatives by lipasesChiou, Aih-Jing; Wu, Shih-Hsiung; Wang, Kung-Tsung
151991Enzymatic Synthesis of Argininosuccinate Catalyzed by g-CrystallinWu, C. Y.; Chen, S. T.; Wang, Kung-Tsung; Wu, C. Y.; Chen, S. T.; Chiou, S. H.; ������journal article
161991Enzymic synthesis of argininosuccinate catalyzed by δ-crystallinWu, Chi-Yue; Chen, Shui-Tein; Chiou, Shyh-Horng; Wang, Kung-Tsung
171991Enzymic Synthesis of Argininosuccinate Catalyzed by �_-CrystallinChiou, Shyh-Horng; Wu, C. Y.; Chen, S. T.; �����E; Wang, K. T.
181992Facile Preparation of Optically Pure [a-2H]-a-amino AcidsWang, Kung-Tsung; Chen, S. T.; Tu, C. C.; ������journal article
191992Facile preparation of optically pure [α-2H]-α-amino acidsChen, Shui-Tein; Tu, Chen-Chen; Wang, Kung-Tsung
201994Facile synthesis of L-malic acid by a consecutive enzymatic reactionChen, Shui-Tein; Duh, Shui-Chyr; Wang, Kung-Tsung