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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12003Analytical expressions for relay feed back responsesPanda, R. C.; Yu, Cheng-ChingJournal of Process Control 
22005Auto-tune system using single-run relay feedback test and model-based controller designHuang, Hsiao-Ping; Jeng, Jyh-Cheng; Luo, Kuo-YuanJournal of Process Control 
31999Autotune identification for systems with right-half-plane poles and zerosShen, Shih-Haur; Yu, Hong-Den; Yu, Cheng-ChingJournal of Process Control 
42007Control of reactive distillation process for production of ethyl acetateLee, H.-Y.; Huang, H.-P.; Chien, I.-L.; I-LUNG CHIEN ; Lee, Hao-Yeh; Huang, Hsiao-Ping; Chien, I-Lung Journal of Process Control 3329
52005Design and control of an ethyl acetate process: Coupled reactor/column configurationChien, I.-L.; Teng, Y.-P.; Huang, H.-P.; Tang, Y.T.; Chien, I-Lung ; I-LUNG CHIEN ; Teng, Yao-Pin; Huang, Hsiao-Ping; Tang, Yeong TarngJournal of Process Control 1413
62011Design and control of reactive-distillation process for the production of diethyl carbonate via two consecutive trans-esterification reactionsWei, H.-Y.; Rokhmah, A.; H; ogo, R.; Chien, I.-L.; I-LUNG CHIEN Journal of Process Control 3429
72000Experimental investigation of conventional control strategies for a heterogeneous azeotropic distillation columnChien, I.-L.; Wang, C.J.; Wong, D.S.H.; Lee, C.-H.; Cheng, S.-H.; Shih, R.F.; Liu, W.T.; Tsai, C.S.; I-LUNG CHIEN Journal of Process Control 2520
82006Multiple-model control strategy for a fed-batch high cell-density culture processingChung, Y.-C.; Chien, I.-L.; Chang, D.-M.; I-LUNG CHIEN Journal of Process Control 1512
91995Nonlinear identification and control of a high-purity distillation column: a case studyRavi Sriniwas, G.; Arkun, Y.; Chien, I.-L.; Ogunnaike, B.A.; I-LUNG CHIEN Journal of Process Control 7162
102008On the interaction between measurement strategy and control performance in semiconductor manufacturingSu, An-Jhih; Yu, Cheng-Ching; Ogunnaike, Babatunde A.Journal of Process Control 
112008Overall control strategy of a coupled reactor/columns process for the production of ethyl acrylateChien, I.-L.; Chen, K.; Kuo, C.-L.; I-LUNG CHIEN Journal of Process Control 1212
122005Shape factor of relay response curves and its use in autotuningPanda, R. C.; Yu, Cheng-ChingJournal of Process Control 
132002Simple control method for integrating processes with long deadtimeChien, I.-L.; Chun Peng, S.; Hong Liu, J.; I-LUNG CHIEN Journal of Process Control 6953
142001A two degree of freedom level controlWu, Kwo-Liang; Yu, Cheng-Ching; Cheng, Yu-ChangJournal of Process Control