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12011A predictive model for the excess gibbs free energy of fully dissociated electrolyte solutionsHsieh, M.-T.; Lin, S.-T.; SHIANG-TAI LIN AIChE Journal 2526
21995Activity coefficients in nearly athermal model polymer/solvent systemsYU-JANE SHENG AIChE Journal 2018
31997Analysis of Nucleation and Crystal Growth Data Using the Interfacial SupersaturationTai, Clifford Y.; Shih, Cheng-YiAIChE Journal 
41996Autotuning for Model-Based PID ControllersHuang H.-P.; Chen C.-L. ; Lai C.-W.; Wang G.-B.AIChE Journal 3737
52013The best objective function for seeded batch crystallizationHsu C.-W.; Ward J.D. AIChE Journal 1417
61996Boiling on a Straight Pin FinLin W.W.; Lee D.J. AIChE Journal 25
72006Control of Different Reactive Distillation ConfigurationsHung, Shih-Bo; Lee, Ming-Jer; Tang, Yeong-Tarng; Chen, Yi-Wei; Lai, I-Kuan; Hung, Wan-Jen; Huang, Hsiao-Ping; Yu, Cheng-ChingAIChE Journal 
81996Critical Coagulation Concentration of CounterionsHsu J.-P. ; Tseng M.-T.AIChE Journal 55
92014Critical seed loading from nucleation kineticsTseng Y.-T.; Ward J.D. AIChE Journal 1112
101999Crystal Growth Kinetics of Calcite in a Dense Fluidized-Bed CrystallizerTai, Clifford Y.; Chien, W.-C.; Chen, C.-Y.AIChE Journal 
112011DEM simulation of a 3D vertical vibratory screening process: The study of a simulated woven-mesh structureTung K.L. ; Chang T.H.; Lin Y.-F.; Chyang C.-S.AIChE Journal 1112
121978Deposition of Solid Paricles on a Collector-Formulation of a New Theory王秋森; Beizaie, M.; Tien, C.; Wang, Chiu-Sen; Tien, C.AIChE Journal 
132000Design sensor trajectory for control: Application to sheet-forming processesChang, D.-M.; Yu, C.-C.; Chien, I.-L.; I-LUNG CHIEN AIChE Journal 21
142008Determination of cubic equation of state parameters for pure fluids from first principle solvation calculationsHsieh, C.-M.; Lin, S.-T.; SHIANG-TAI LIN AIChE Journal 3334
151998Effect of CO, on Expansion and Supersaturation of Saturated SolutionsTai, Clifford Y.; Cheng, Chuen-SongAIChE Journal 
162018Effect of substrate curvature on microstructure and gas permeability of hollow fiber MFI zeolite membranesChen C.-H.; Meng L.; Tung K.-L. ; Lin Y.S.AIChE Journal 813
171989Effects of heater and heating methods on pool boilingLu S.M.; Lee D.J. AIChE Journal 1514
181991Effects of Heater and Heating Methods on Pool BoilingLu, Shaw-Mei; Lee, Duu-Jong AIChE Journal 1514
192007Effects of Relative Volatility Ranking to the Design of Reactive DistillationTung, Shih-Tse; Yu, Cheng-ChingAIChE Journal 
201988Electrophoresis in a Dilute Dispersion of Colloidal SpheresChen, S. B.; 葛煥彰 ; Keh, Huan-Jang AIChE Journal 5458