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12007Altered energy dissipation ratio of the plantar soft tissues under the metatarsal heads in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: A pilot studyHsu, Chih-Chin; Tsai, Wen-Chung; Shau, Yio-Wha ; Lee, Kay-Lun; YIO-WHA SHAU Clinical Biomechanics 2521
21995Biomechanical properties of the triceps surae muscle after limb iengthening孫瑞昇; 侯勝茂; 盧國賢; 韓毅雄; 劉堂桂CLINICAL BIOMECHANICS 
32002Biomechanics of the heel pad for type 2 diabetic patientsHsu, Tsz-Ching; Lee, Ying-Shiung; YIO-WHA SHAU Clinical Biomechanics 4333
42004Cervical spine curvature during simulated whiplashPanjabi, Manohar M.; Pearson, Adam M.; Ito, Shigeki; Ivancic, Paul C.; Wang, Jaw-LinClinical Biomechanics 
52001Contact Stress on Polyethylene Components of a New Rotating Hinge with a Spherical Contact SurfaceYANG, RONG-SENCLINICAL BIOMECHANICS 
61995Cushioning Effect of Heel Cups王崇禮; Cheng, Cheng-Kung; Tsuang, Yang-Hwei; 韓毅雄; Liu, Tang-Kue; Wang, Chung-Li; Tsuang, Yang-Hwei; Hang, Yi-Shiong; Liu, Tang-KueClinical Biomechanics 
71998The dynamic response of L2/L3 motion segment in cyclic axial compressive loading.Wang, JL; Parnianpour, M; Shirazi-Adl, A; Engin, AEClinical Biomechanics 
82007The effect on forearm and shoulder muscle activity in using different slanted computer miceChen, Han-Ming ; Leung, Chun-TongClinical Biomechanics 
92006Fatigue Resistance Analysis of Tibial Baseplate in Total Knee Prosthesis - an in Vitro Biomechanical StudyYU, TZAI-CHIU; HUANG, CHANG-HUNG; HSIEH, CHIA-HSUN; LIAU, JIANN-JONG; HUANG, CHUN-HSIUNG; CHENG, CHENG-KUNGCLINICAL BIOMECHANICS 
102006Fatigue resistance analysis of tibial baseplate in total knee prosthesis- an in vitro biomechanical studyYu, TC; Huang, CH; Hsieh, CH; Liau, JJ; Cheng, CKClinical Biomechanics 
112007Increasing bending strength of tibial locking screws: Mechanical tests and finite element analyses.Chao, CK; Hsu, CC; Wang, JL; Lin, JClinical Biomechanics 2824
122004Mechanical tests and finite element models for bone holding power of tibial locking screwsHou, Sheng-Mou; Hsu, Ching-Chi; Wang, Jaw-Lin; Chao, Ching-Kong; Lin, JinnClinical Biomechanics 
132004Mechanical Tests and Finite Element Models for Bone Holding Power of Tibial Locking Screws.Hou, S. M.; Hsu, C. C; Wang, J. L.; Chao, C. K.; Lin, J.Clinical Biomechanics 4033
141998The postural stability and gait of idiopathic scoliosis adolescents.Chen, PQ; Wang, JL; Tsuang, YH; Liao, TY; Huang, PI; Hang, YSClinical Biomechanics 
151998The postural stability control and gait pattern of idiopathic scoliosis adolescentsChen, Po-Quang; Wang, Jaw-Lin; Tsuang, Yang-Hwei; Liao, Tien-Li; Huang, Pei-I; Hang, Yi-ShiongClinical Biomechanics 
161998Strength of Internal Fixation for Calcaneal fracturesWANG, CHUNG-LICLINICAL BIOMECHANICS 
171998Strength of internal fixation for calcaneal fracturesCHUNG-LI WANG Clinical Biomechanics 1412
181995Viscoplasticity of rabbit skeletal muscle under dynamic cyclic loadingJUI-SHENG SUNClinical Biomechanics