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12000Active Intracellular Domain of Notch Enhances Transcriptional Activation of CCAAT/Enhancer Binding Protein β on a Rat Pregnancy-Specific Glycoprotein GeneChen, Hungwen; Chong, Yichuen; Liu, Chia-LinBiochemistry 1213
22008Altered Order of Substrate Binding by DNA Polymerase X from African Swine Fever VirusKumar, Sandeep; Bakhtina, Marina; Tsai, Ming-DawBiochemistry 1110
32008Anti-tumor activity of the fermentation broth of Cordyceps militaris cultured in the medium of Radix Astragali.Lin, Y. W.; Chiang, B. HProcess Biochemistry 6162
42012Bioactive constituents and anti-proliferative properties of supercritical carbon dioxide Salvia miltiorrhiza extract in 3T3-L1 adipocytesWu, S.-J.; Lee, S.-J.; Su, C.-H.; Lin, D.-L.; Wang, S.-S.; Ng, L.-T.; LEAN-TEIK HUANG Process Biochemistry 86
52008Bisphenol A removal by a membrane bioreactorChen, Jianhua; Huang, Xia; DUU-JONG LEE Process Biochemistry 7777
62009Characterization and biological functions of sulfated polysaccharides from sulfated-salt treatment of Antrodia cinnamomeaCheng, Jing-Jy; Huang, Nai-Kuei; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Kuo, Chung-Io; Lu, Mei-KuangProcess Biochemistry 3332
71993Cobra Venom Cardiotoxin (Cytotoxin) Isoforms and Neurotoxin:Comparative Potency of Protein Kinase C Inhibition and Cancer Cell Cytotoxicity, and Modes of Enzyme Inhibition邱式鴻; Raynor, R. I.; Zheng, B.; Chambers, T. C.; Kuo, J. F.; Chiou, Shyh-Horng; Zheng, B.Biochemistry 
82009Comparisons of the Conformational Stability of Cyclin-dependent Kinase (CDK) 4-interacting Ankyrin Repeat (AR) ProteinsGuo, Yi; Mahajan, Anjali; Yuan, Chunhua; Joo, Sang Hoon; Weghorst, Christopher M.; Tsai, Ming-Daw; Li, JunanBiochemistry 
92009Contribution of the Reverse Rate of the Conformational Step to Polymerase bata FidelityBakhtina, Marina; Roettger, Michelle P.; Tsai, Ming-DawBiochemistry 
102001The distinct roles that Gln-192 and Glu-217 of factor IX play in selectivity for macromolecular substrates and inhibitorHsu, YC; Hamaguchi, N; Chang, YJ; Lin, SWBiochemistry 
112001The Distinct Roles That Gln-192 and Glu-217 of Factor Ix Play in Selectivity for Macromolecular Substrates and InhibitorsLIN, SHU-WHABIOCHEMISTRY 
122006Effect of hydraulic retention time on biohydrogen production and anaerobic microbial communityZhang, Zhen-Peng; Show, Kuan-Yeow; Tay, Joo-Hwa; Liang, David Tee; Lee, Duu-Jong ; Jiang, Wen-JuProcess Biochemistry 130121
131999Effect of physical factors on the production of γ-decalactone by immobilized cells of Sporidiobolus salmonicolorLee, Shiow-Ling; Cheng, Hsin-Yi; Chen, Wen-Chang ; Chou, Cheng-ChunProcess Biochemistry 1414
141999Engineered recombinant factor VII Q217 variants with altered inhibitor specificitiesChang, YJ; Hamaguchi, N; Chang, SC; Ruf, W; Shen, MC; Lin, SWBiochemistry 
152010Enhancing denitrifying sulfide removal with functional strains under micro-aerobic conditionChen C.; Wang A.; Ren N.; Zhao Q.; Liu L.; Adav S.S.; Lee D.-J. ; Chang J.-S.Process Biochemistry 3026
162009Exploring the potential of biopharmaceutical production by Rigidoporus ulmarius: Cultivation, chemistry, and bioactivity studiesCheng, Jing-Jy; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Huang, Nai-Kuei; Chen, Hsuan-Pei; Lin, Cha-Yui; Lu, Mei-KuangProcess Biochemistry 33
172009Fluorescently modified AtRGS1 protein unveiled the third alpha helical domain inte4racts with ground state AtGPA1Huang, Ching-Shin; Huang, Po-Shiun; Yang, Chii-Shen Biochemistry 
182007Human DNA Ligase IV and the Ligase IV/XRCC4 Complex: Analysis of Nick Ligation FidelityWang, Yu; Lamarche, Brandon J.; Tsai, Ming-DawBiochemistry 
192009Hydrophobic cell surface and bioflocculation behavior of Rhodococcus erythropolisChang, WN; Liu, CW; Liu, HS; CHIH-WEN LIU Process Biochemistry 4138
201991Identification of a New Binding Protein for Crotoxin and Other Neurotoxic Phospholipase A2s on Brain Synaptic MembranesYen, C. H.; 曾木金; Yen, C. H.; Tzeng, Mu-ChinBiochemistry