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12006Anomalous blueshift in emission spectra of ZnO nanorods with sizes beyond quantum confinement regimeChen, Chun-Wei ; Chen, Kuei-Hsien; Shen, Ching-Hsing; Ganguly, Abhijit; Chen, Li-Chyong ; Wu, Jih-Jen; Wen, Hui-I; Pong, Way-Faungjournal article158143
22007Band offsets and charge storage characteristics of atomic layer deposited high-k HfO2/TiO2 multilayersMaikap, S.; Wang, T.Y.; Tzeng, P.J.; Lin, C.H.; Tien, T. C.; Lee, L. S.; Yang, J. R.; Tsai, M.J.journal article
32007Charge Carrier Mobility of Mixed Layer Organic Light-Emitting DiodesLiu, Shun-Wei; Lee, Jiun-Haw ; Lee, Chih-Chien; Chen, Chin-Ti; Wang, Juen-Kai journal article6161
42007Charge storage characteristics of atomic layer deposited RuOx nanocrystalsMaikap, S.; Wang, T. Y.; Tzeng, P. J.; Lin, C. H.; Lee, L. S.; Yang, J. R.; Tsai, M. J.journal article
52007A comparative study of the electronic structures of oxygen- and chlorine-treated nitrogenated carbon nanotubes by x-ray absorption and scanning photoelectron microscopyRay, S. C.; Pao, C. W.; Tsai, H. M.; Chiou, J. W.; Pong, W. F.; Chen, C. W.; Tsai, M. H.; Papakonstantinou, P.; Chen, L. C.; Chen, K. H.journal article
62006Comparison of the electronic structures of Zn1?xCoxO and Zn1?xMgxO nanorods using x-ray absorption and scanning photoelectron microscopiesChiou, J. W.; Tsai, H. M.; Pao, C. W.; Krishna Kumar, K. P.; Ray, S. C.; Chien, F. Z.; Pong, W. F.; Tsai, M.-H.; Chen, C.-H.; Lin, H.-J.; Wu, J. J.; Yang, M.-H.; Liu, S. C.; Chung, S. H.; Chen, C.W.journal article
72008Constrained Modeling of Domain Patterns in Rhombohedral FerroelectricsShu, Y. C.; Yen, J. H.; Chen, H. Z.; Li, J. Y.; Li, L. J.; ShuYC 4237
82011Crystallization mechanisms and recording characteristics of Si/CuSi bilayer for write-once blu-ray discOu, Sin-Liang; Kuo, Po-Cheng; Chen, Sheng-Chi; Tsai, Tsung-Lin; Yeh, Chin-Yen; Chang, Han-Feng; Lee, Chao-Te; Chiang, Donyaujournal article1010
92006Design of a highly magnified directional acoustic source based on the resonant cavity of two-dimensional phononic crystalsWu, Tsung-Tsong ; Hsu, Chung-Hao; Sun, Jia-Hong3938
102006Dielectrophoretic force and torque on a sphere in an arbitrary time varying electric fieldYang, C. Y.; Lei, U. 304
112007Dielectrophoretic force and torque on an ellipsoid in an arbitrary time varying electric fieldYang, C. Y.; Lei, U. 309
122008Diffusion and crystallization mechanisms of Ge/Au bilayer media for write-once optical diskWu, T. H.; Kuo, P. C.; Ou, S. L.; Chen, Jung-Po; Yen, Po-Fu; Jeng, Tzuan-Ren; Wu, Chih-Yuan; Huang, Der-Rayjournal article
132008Directional Enhanced Acoustic Radiation Caused by A Point Cavity in A Finite-size Two-dimensional Phononic CrystalHsu, Feng-Chia; Wu, Tsung-Tsong ; Hsu, Jin-Chen; Sun, Jia-Hong1817
142007Effect of depolarization and coercivity on actuation strains due to domain switching in barium titanateShu, Y.C.; Yen, J.H.; Shieh, J.; Yeh, J.H.journal article
152005Effect of gold coating on local oxidation using an atomic force microscopeHuang, J.S.; You, Z.Y.; Lin, S.Y.; Hu, Z.S.; Wu, C.T.; Chen, C.W.; Chen, K.H.journal article
162010Effects of metal buffer layer on characteristics of surface acoustic waves in ZnO/metal/diamond structuresChiang, Yuan-Feng; Sung, Chia-Chi ; Ro, Ruyenjournal article1210
172007Efficiency droop behaviors of InGaN/GaN multiple-quantum-well light-emitting diodes with varying quantum well thicknessLi, Y.-L.; Huang, Y.-R.; Lai, Y.-H.journal article
182006Electro-optical modulation for a boron nitride nanotube probed by first-principles calculationsChen, Chun-Wei ; Lee, Ming-Hsien; Lin, Yu-Tingjournal article
192005Electroluminescence from metal/oxide/strained-Si tunneling diodesLiao, M. H.; Chen, M. J.; Chen, T. C.; Wang, P. L.; Liu, C.W.journal article
202005Electromigration-induced grain rotation in anisotropic conducting beta-tinWu, A. T.; Gusak, A. M.; Tu, K. N.; Kao, and C. R.journal article