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12004Al- and Ga-promoted WO3/ZrO2 strong solid acid catalysts and their catalytic activities in n-butane isomerizationChen, Xiao-Rong; Chen, Chang-Lin; Xu, Nan-Ping; Mou, Chung-YuanCatalysis Today 93-95: 
22004Al2O3/WO3/ZrO2 strong solid acid catalyst and its catalytic activity in n-butane isomerizationChen, X-R, Chen, C-L, Xu, N-P,; Mou, C-YCatalysis Today 
32006CO oxidation catalyzed by gold nanoparticles confined in mesoporous aluminosilicate Al-SBA-15: Pretreatment methodsChiang, Chia-Wen; Wang, Aiqin; Mou, Chung-YuanCatalysis Today 
42004Design of a High-Performance Catalyst for CO Oxidation: Au nanoparticles confined in Mesoporous aluminosilicateLiu, J-H; Chi, Y-S, Lin, H-P; Mou, C-Y,; Wan, B-ZCatalysis Today 
51997Effect of TiO2 crystalline structure in photocatalytic degradation of phenolic contaminantsTsai, Shi-Jane; Cheng, SoofinCatalysis Today 
62008Evaluation of carbon monoxide oxidation over CeO2/Co3O4 catalysts: Effect of ceria loadingTang, Chih-Wei; Kuo, Ming-Chih; Lin, Chin-Jung; Wang, Chen-Bin; Chien, Shu-HuaCatalysis Today 4143
71999From layer compounds to catalytic materialsCheng, SoofinCatalysis Today 111110
82004Heterogeneous catalysis in commodity and fine chemicals synthesisCheng, Soofin; Ko, An-NanCatalysis Today 
92004n-Pentane isomerization over promoted SZ/MCM-41 catalystsWang, Wei; Wang, Jung-Hui; Chen, Chang-Lin; Xu, Nan-Ping; Mou, Chung-YuanCatalysis Today 
102004Strongly acidic mesoporous aluminosilicates prepared from zeolite seeds: acylation of anisole with octanyl chlorideShih, Pei-Chun; Wang, Jung-Hui; Mou, Chung-YuanCatalysis Today 93-95: 
112004Study on Gd and Mg co-doped ceria electrolyte for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cellsWang, Feng-Yun; Chen, Songying; Wang, Qin; Yu, Shuxin; Cheng, SoofinCatalysis Today