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12012A novel injectable chitosan/polyglutamate polyelectrolyte complex hydrogel with hydroxyapatite for soft-tissue augmentationJi, D.-Y.; Kuo, T.-F.; Wu, H.-D.; Yang, J.-C.; Lee, S.-Y.; TZONG-FU KUO Carbohydrate Polymers 4945
22012Acceleration of wound healing in diabetic rats by layered hydrogel dressingLee, Yen-Hsien; Chang, Jung-Jhih; Yang, Ming-Chien; Chien, Chiang-Ting; Lai, Wen-FuCarbohydrate Polymers 8576
32011Advances in chitin/chitosan science and their applicationsChen R.-H.; Domard A.; Muzzarelli R.A.A.; Tokura S.; Wang D.-M. Carbohydrate Polymers 1717
42007Analysis of freeze-gelation and cross-linking processes for preparing porous chitosan scaffoldsHsieh, Chieh-Yang; Tsai, Sung-Pei; Ho, Ming-Hwa; Wang, Da-Ming ; Liu, Chung-En; Hsieh, Cheng-Hsuan; Tseng, Hsien-Chung; Hsieh, Hsyue-Jen Carbohydrate Polymers 9486
52013Bacterial cellulose and bacterial cellulose-chitosan membranes for wound dressing applicationsLin, W.-C.; Lien, C.-C.; Yeh, H.-J.; Yu, C.-M.; Hsu, S.-H.; SHAN-HUI HSU Carbohydrate Polymers 435385
62007Changes of property and morphology of cationic corn starchesKuo, W.-Y.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Carbohydrate Polymers 4845
72011Characterization and functional elucidation of a fucosylated 1,6-α-d-mannogalactan polysaccharide from Antrodia cinnamomeaCHIA-CHUAN CHANG ; Cheng, J.-J.; Lu, M.-K.; Lin, C.-Y.Carbohydrate Polymers 2221
82012£]-Chitin nanofibrils for self-sustaining hydrogels preparation via hydrothermal treatmentNata I.F.; Wang S.S.-S. ; Wu T.-M.; Lee C.-K.Carbohydrate Polymers 3129
92014Chitosan/pectin/gum Arabic polyelectrolyte complex: Process-dependent appearance, microstructure analysis and its applicationTsai R.-Y.; Chen P.-W.; Kuo T.-Y.; Lin C.-M.; Wang D.-M. ; Hsien T.-Y.; Hsieh H.-J.Carbohydrate Polymers 6654
102004Dependence of chain conformation on degree of sulfonation and counterion dissociation of sodium poly(styrene sulfonate) in semidilute aqueous solutionLin, King-Fu; Cheng, Horng-Long; Cheng, Yu-HuiPolymer 
112017Development of a new type of multifunctional fucoidan-based nanoparticles for anticancer drug deliveryLu, K.-Y.; Li, R.; Hsu, C.-H.; Lin, C.-W.; Chou, S.-C.; Tsai, M.-L.; Mi, F.-L.; CHUN-HUA HSU Carbohydrate Polymers 9988
121999Dynamic mechanical relaxation of lightly cross-linked epoxidized natural rubberLiau, W. B.; LiauWB Polymer 6
131998Dynamic mechanical relaxation of lightly cross-linked natural rubberLiau, W. B.; Cheng, K. C.; LiauWB Polymer 7
142004The effect of end groups of PEG on the crystallization behaviors of binary crystalline polymer blends PEG/PLLALai, Wei-Chi; Liau, Wen-Bin ; Lin, Tai-TsoPolymer 172
152010Effect of particle size on the rate of enzymatic hydrolysis of celluloseAN-I(ANDY) YEH Carbohydrate Polymers 205189
162000The effect of polymeric additives on the structure and permeability of poly(vinyl alcohol) asymmetric membranesChuang, W. -Y.; Young, T. -H.; Chiu, W. -Y.; Lin, C. -Y.Polymer 
172010Effects of cold stress on alterations of physiochemical and chemical properties of rice polysaccharidesChang, M.-C.; Chien, W.-F.; Chao, C.-H.; Lu, M.-K.; MEN-CHI CHANG Carbohydrate Polymers 65
182009Effects of reaction conditions on the physicochemical properties of cationic starch studied by RSMKuo, W.-Y.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Carbohydrate Polymers 3028
192009Effects of the cooling mode on the structure and strength of porous scaffolds made of chitosan, alginate, and carboxymethyl cellulose by the freeze-gelation methodYuan, NY; Lin, YA; Ho, MH; Wang, DM; Lai, JY; Hsieh, HJCarbohydrate Polymers 4541
202009Effects of the cooling mode on the structure and strength of porous scaffolds made of chitosan, alginate, and carboxymethyl cellulose by the freeze-gelation methodYuan N.-Y.; Lin Y.-A.; Ho M.-H.; Wang D.-M. ; Lai J.-Y.; Hsieh H.-J.Carbohydrate Polymers 4541