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12010Activation energy of water vapor and oxygen transmission through TiNxOy/PET gas barrier filmsLin, M.C.; Chen, M.-J.; Chang, L.-S.Applied Surface Science 34
22007Advance in next Century nanoCMOSFET researchHwang, Huey-Liang; Chiou, Yan-Kai; Chang, Che-Hao; Wang, Chen-Chan; Lee, Kun-Yu; Wu, Tai-Bor; Kwo, Raynien; Hong, Minghwei; Chang-Liao, Kuei-Shu; Lu, Chun-Yuan; others; MINGHWEI HONG Applied Surface Science 22
32017Application of atmospheric-pressure plasma jet processed carbon nanotubes to liquid and quasi-solid-state gel electrolyte supercapacitorsKuok F.-H.; Kan K.-Y.; Yu I.-S.; Chen C.-W.; Hsu C.-C. ; Cheng I.-C.; Chen J.-Z.Applied Surface Science 3632
41996Application of irradiation-then-nitridation to improve the radiation hardness in MOS gate dielectricsLee, K.-C.; Hwu, J.-G.; JENN-GWO HWU Applied Surface Science 00
52018Atmospheric-pressure plasma jet processed Pt/ZnO composites and its application as counter-electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cellsLee C.-C.; Wan T.-H.; Hsu C.-C. ; Cheng I.-C.; Chen J.-Z.Applied Surface Science 2122
62008C.-H. Lee, C.-Y. Yu, C.M. Lin, C.W. Liu, H. Lin, W.-H.ChangApplied Surface Science 
72008Carrier gas effects on the SiGe quantum dots formationLee, C.-H.; Yu, C.-Y.; Lin, C.M.; Liu, C.W.; Lin, H.; Chang, W.-H.; CHEE-WEE LIU Applied Surface Science 22
82013Characterization for N- and P-type 3C-SiC on Si (1 0 0) substrate with thermal anneal and pulsed excimer laser annealLee, K.-Y.; Chang, Y.-H.; Huang, Y.-H.; Huang, C.-F.; Chung, C.Y.; Zhao, F.; KUNG-YEN LEE Applied Surface Science 00
92013Characterization of gadolinium oxide thin films with CF4 plasma treatment for resistive switching memory applicationsWang, J.-C.; Ye, Y.-R.; Lai, C.-S.; Lin, C.-T.; Lu, H.-C.; Wu, C.-I.; Wang, P.-S.; CHIH-I WU Applied Surface Science 2018
101997Chemistry and electronic properties of metal contacts on an organic molecular semiconductorHirose, Y.; Wu, C.I.; Aristov, V.; Soukiassian, P.; Kahn, A.; CHIH-I WU Applied Surface Science 
112016Contact Angle Hysteresis on Graphene Surfaces and Hysteresis-free Behavior on Oil-infused Graphite SurfacesWu, C.-J.; Li, Y.-F.; Woon, W.-Y.; Sheng, Y.-J. ; Tsao, H.-K.Applied Surface Science 2827
122018Copper and platinum doped titania for photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxideAmbrožová, N.; Reli M.; Šihor, M.; Kuśtrowski, P.; Wu J.C.S. ; Kočí, K.Applied Surface Science 5145
132010Differing morphologies of textured diamond films with electrical properties made with microwave plasma chemical vapor depositionLai, Wen Chi; Wu, Yu-Shiang; Chang, Hou-Cheng; Lee, Yuan-HaunApplied Surface Science 87
142010The effect of chromic sulfate concentration and immersion time on the structures and anticorrosive performance of the Cr(III) conversion coatings on aluminum alloysChen, Wei-Kun; Bai, Ching-Yuan; Liu, Chung-Ming; Lin, Chao-Sung ; Ger, Ming-DerApplied Surface Science 4950
152010Effect of silver on antibacterial properties of stainless steelLiao, Kuo-Hsing; Ou, Keng-Liang; Cheng, Hsin-Chung; Lin, Che-Tong; Peng, Pei-WenApplied Surface Science 7170
162006Effect of temperature on the sliding wear behavior of laser surface alloyed Ni-base on Al–Mg–Si alloyChuang, Yao-Chih; Lee, Shih-Chin; Lin, Hsin-Chih Applied Surface Science 
172001Effects of additives and chelating agents on electroless copper platingLin, Yi-Mao; Yen, Shi-Chern Applied Surface Science 
182012Effects of anodic oxidation and hydrothermal treatment on surface characteristics and biocompatibility of Ti-30Nb-1Fe-1Hf alloyOu, Shih-Fu; Chou, Hsin-Hua; Lin, Chao-Sung ; Shih, Ching-Jui; Wang, Kuang-Kuo; Pan, Yung-NingApplied Surface Science 2624
192010Effects of electronic confinement and substrate on the low-temperature growth of Pb islands on Si(1 0 0)-2 ? 1 surfacesHsu, C.C.; Lin, W.H.; Ou, Y.S.; Su, W.B.; Chang, C.S.; Wu, C.I.; Tsong, Tien T.Surface Science 
202001Enhanced magneto-optical effect due to interface alloy formation in Co-Pt (111) ultrathin films upon thermal annealingLin, M. T.; Kuo, C. C.; Ho, J. W.; Wu, Y. E.; Her, H. Y.; Shern, C. S.; Huang, H. L.; MINN-TSONG LIN Applied Surface Science 65