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12012Adsorption Studies on the Removal of an Endocrine-Disrupting Compound (Bisphenol A) using Activated Carbon from Rice Straw Agricultural WasteChang, Ken-Lin; Hsieh, Jung-Feng; Ou, Bay-Ming; Chang, Min-Hsuan; Hseih, Wei-Ying; Lin, Jun-Hong; Huang, Po-Jung; Wong, Kam-Fei; Chen, Shui-TeinSeparation Science and Technology 6358
22003Cake structure of consolidated biological sludgeChu C.P.; Chang M.J.; Lee D.J. Separation Science and Technology 63
32002Centrifugation of polyelectrolyte flocculated clay slurryChu C.P.; Lee D.J. Separation Science and Technology 76
42002CFD analysis on fluid flow through multifilament woven filter clothsTung K.-L. ; Shiau J.-S.; Chuang C.-J.; Li Y.-L.; Lu W.-M.Separation Science and Technology 3125
52006Coagulation and filtration of nanoparticles in wastewater from Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park (HSIP)Chang M.R.; Lee D.J. ; Lai J.Y.Separation Science and Technology 138
62001Constant pressure filtration of mono-dispersed deformable particle slurryLu W.-M.; Tung K.-L. ; Hung S.-M.; Shiau J.-S.; Hwang K.-J.Separation Science and Technology 4641
71990Dehydrogenation of Ethylbenzene to Styrene Using Commerical Ceramic Membranes as ReactorsLiu, P. K. T.; 吳紀聖 ; Gerdes, T. E.; Pszczolkowski, J. L.; Bhave, R. R.; Martin, E. S.; Wu, Jeffrey Chi-Sheng ; Gerdes, T. E.; Pszczolkowski, J. L.; Bhave, R. R.Separation Science and Technology 
81998The effect of particle sedimentation on gravity filtrationLu W.-M.; Tung K.-L. ; Pan C.-H.; Hwang K.-J.Separation Science and Technology 1414
92005Energy requirement of suspension dewateringChu C.P.; Lee D.J. ; Chang C.Y.Separation Science and Technology 33
102005Energy Requirement of Suspension DewateringChu, C. P.; Lee, D. J.; Chang, C. Y.Separation Science and Technology 
112006Extracellular polymeric substances in fouling layerChen M.-Y.; Lee D.-J. ; Tay J.H.Separation Science and Technology 3532
122010Fouling layer with fractionated extracellular polymeric substances of activated sludgeYu G.-H.; Lee D.-J. ; He P.-J.; Shao L.-M.; Lai J.-Y.Separation Science and Technology 97
132001Freeze/thaw treatment of oily sludge from petroleum refinery plantJean D.S.; Chu C.P.; Lee D.J. Separation Science and Technology 3435
142010Membrane fouling mitigation: Membrane cleaningLin J.C.-T.; Lee D.-J. ; Huang C.Separation Science and Technology 126112
152003A model for resistance growth during protein microfiltrationShiau J.-S.; Tang C.-H.; Lin T.-Y.; Wang D.-M. Separation Science and Technology 65
162004Morphology of Sludge Cake at Electroosmosis DewateringChu C.P.; Lee D.J. ; Liu Z.; Jin W.H.Separation Science and Technology 1915
172003Network strength of waste activated sludge using rheological testsYen P.-S.; Lee D.J. Separation Science and Technology 1714
182004Optimization of Floc Characteristics for Treatment of Highly Turbid WaterAnnadurai G.; Sung S.S.; Lee D.J. Separation Science and Technology 16
192010Pre-Treatment of natural organic matters containing raw water using coagulationCheng Y.-L.; Wong R.-J.; Lin J.C.-T.; Huang C.; Lee D.-J. ; Lai J.-Y.Separation Science and Technology 76
202003Removing particulates from centrate of dredged sediments at Suitanghe river, ShanghaiHe P.-J.; Shao L.-M.; Gu G.-W.; Xu H.; Bian C.-L.; Xu C.; Chu C.P.; Lee D.J. Separation Science and Technology 11